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stupid dumbass
Rattle canning my car

Thinking about doing this. I saw a link to a thread on another site with a bunch of flat black car pics...anyone have that link?

Anything I should know about before painting my beige maxima flat black?
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yeah, dont do it
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I kissed a 11k's ass for this title.
only if the car is boxy
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scc did it to a perfectly good sti. looks ok.
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Now if Ikea made the Jerker in a solid-wood version, i want one.

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flat black will never look right.

even when a pro does it, flat black is SO easy to spot blemishes.

that being said, a while back on some Aircooled vw website there was a huge thread on how to spray your car with spray paint. Basically, you set it up just like you would. paint booth, sand, dust removal, etc.

order paint. don't get the cheap stuff. get nice heads if you can too.

paint. put layers on. but a finish coat on. wax it. they have been known to last 3-5 years and still look decent.
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D15 > LS1
You competing with JLT now?
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I did the front half of my van I think 3 years ago. Still looks better then the rest of it but it is flaking a little.
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yeah if you do rattle can get at least some decent paint with good heads. My car was rattle canned and looks like shit cause it was done with shitty heads and cheap ass paint.
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I'm a pathetic virgin.
Some paint shops will fill rattle cans with paint. Personally, i would get some cheap car paint like PPG's Omni line or DuPont Nason and a flattened clearcoat.
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HVLP > rattle can

the results are much cleaner. I messed up on a few spots on my car but its not really noticeable. spend the extra time and use an hvlp gun; in a WELL LIGHTED area. That was my main problem; not enough light
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For me it would more trouble than it's worth when I consider the stripping and sanding, and hundreds on material, and who the hell has a booth? I'd say the easiest way to save a buck on a paint job is to do the prep yourself (the part that cheap jobs don't really include) and leave the rest to the shop.
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