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title fixed for good of forums
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Originally Posted by asa View Post
depends on how steep it was and the speed, but to damage an A arm you usually take a huge chunk out of the wheel

You would be surprised. We replace suspension parts all the time when the tire didnt even blow.

Just replace the control arm, that likely IS the issue.
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Welp, here it is. Car is back to normal. She runs as smooth and straight as when she was new. I took the car to the dealership, paid them $85 inspection to make sure there is no structure damage. Their "inspection" involved hoisting the car up and have a master tech walked underneath the car with a flash light for a minute or so then left it sitting there for 3 hours. They quoted me $1700 to replace control arm and subframe . I went home and ordered from a new lower control arm and a new ball joint, along with all new bolts. Took it to a shop nearby and have them installed for me as I don't have access to the hydraulic press for the ball join. Total OEM parts: $170. Shop labor $250, alignment included., $420 later, here is the results. Thank you all for those who helped!

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Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post

Smoke weed all day.
Das Auto.
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every day
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Originally Posted by DoucheBagalo View Post
every day

Yup, still from Boston
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nice that you got it fixed, for future reference you can get subframes a lot cheaper from salvage parts places
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