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ungrateful prick
Final update: the spark plug wires were routed incorrectly and the timing was off just a bit. I got everything back the way it's supposed to be and everything seems to be running alright with no leaks. That's what happens when you have a friend working with you that doesn't double check his own work. Thanks to all the chimed in with advice.
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Originally Posted by mhaskell
Take out the spark plug and place your finger over the hole, wait until you feel pressure build and then stop, this is TDC however it could be on the compression or exhaust stroke. Simply watch the exhaust valve for movement while doing this and if it is stationary then you are at TDC on the compression stroke.

Or he could look at the harmonic balancer, or the timing marks on the torque converter (if FWD) to see when at TDC. As well as using a screwdriver down the spark plug hole turning over engine by hand until it stops going up.
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ungrateful prick
We tried TDC several different ways until we finally noticed the line on the crank that lined up with a notch at the engine block by the oil pump. The starter is on it's way out though and I'll be doing that again. Thankfully, this isn't my daily driver.
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