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The "All dat baby needs is a 750 double pumpa" guys were right. With Rick67 from and his help, and carb, the car runs again.

After playing with the timing, we noticed it was a tooth off. Problem? When you put it to the right tooth it wouldnt run under 2000rpm without much backfiring and shaking. Swapped on the carb off his big block (750cfm dual feed, single pump) and VROOM. Perfect. More playing with the timing (and vac advance!) let to a good setup. No bogging, no hesitation, actually pulls out from stop signs, idles without making your eyes water, and fuel pressure is stable. The Holley $40 FP guage was defective, as was my $470 street avenger carb. Gonna call them tomarow to see if they'll do anything about it... but I doubt it. But yeah, I'm happy. Thanks again Rick!

Here are the pic's of Rick's car, from which the carb was "borrowed";

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If Holley wouldn't at least send you a replacement...Man I be all kinds or pissed...

Sweet though, about time.
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man thats gotta be the coolest thing, open the hood and all you see is an engine. Now thats what I am talking about.
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As a former '70 Malibu owner, I must say, ricks car is very sexy.
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