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Where do you buy ink?

I need HP 78D and 45a's. For my 882, it hasn't been running in forever, but I decided to pull it out of retirement.
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Ebay is a good buy, there are legit sellers with buy-it-now
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newegg has a bunch on sale, might see if yours is on the list
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Skyline4life's Avatar
Deskjet 882C?
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Originally Posted by G[h]EttOrAiD View Post
the evo driver still wins because he didn't buy american
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Originally Posted by Skyline4life View Post
Deskjet 882C?

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Mr. zip
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Not sure a good place for new ink (iirc, Office Max has the 45 running at like 25-30 bucks). But OfficeMax can refill the 45 for 10 bucks, and they are reliable refills. Rarely does a 45 come through that fails a refill. The 78 on the other hand....

Whats the print quality on the printers that use the 45/78 anyway? Even when the cartridge is working like new, the 45 doesnt seem to have all that great of quality.

edit: for clairty, I have refilled probly around 40 or so HP45's. Don't mean for my post to sound like a whoring call or anything, just pointing out a place to get cheap ink
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I hate refilling those fucking 78s. but yes 45 tend to come off with out a hitch.

I'm assuming you work at officemax as well... the 45s hold a shit ton of ink. if your every curious take a look in the lower left corner when it is filling for the ml
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Laser toner refills (i think black only):
~7 + reasonable shipping ($5 to Canada from USA) for my samsung ML1610

Inkjet cartridges:
~$2 / cartridge + sh
cheaper if you buy more at once
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