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slappy mcgee
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I can vouch for the Dell D-series, they're very solid machines.
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Originally Posted by chronage View Post
That's what I wanted to type out but was too lazy . I'd also add that the screen has a nice 1280 x 800 res (very good for 12"). I'm selling my netbook to get a D420 myself.

That was pretty much my path too. Started out shopping for netbooks, realized I could get a more capable D420 for about the same price without adding too much heft. Then decided to spring for the D430 to get the C2D, etc etc. Seems silly to spend $300 on a netbook when you can get a 12" subnotebook for the same price to me. But to each his own.

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Started with the dell actually, but order/stocks fucked me up and i dont really trust ebay for warranties etc.

Ended up with an Easynote, ill let you know what i think about it. ended up paying ~$200 less and getting it in days instead of months.
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New and shiny title
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Originally Posted by slappy mcgee View Post
Hey now, I liked my ole' Packard Bell C115a:
16mb edo ram
1.2gb hd

I eventually upgraded the system to:
200mhz mmx (oc'd to 233mhz!!)
64mb ram
~10gb hd...?
2x Voodoo2 (hell yea, the original SLI)

My friend had something similar. His dialup dropped if he opened a web page with MIDI sound, because the built in modem/sound card couldn't do both at the same time.

That says it all, I think.
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Might want to hold out for the HP Pavillion DV2
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