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Building New System, Requesting Comments and Suggestions

Not completely sure about the Video Card yet. I'm going dual core because for my needs, quadcore is a waste. Also, I want to be able to overclock the CPU. I'm not actually buying any of this stuff from NewEgg, but they were used to show specs and pictures. So, any suggestions, ideas, comments, etc. I would greatly appreciate it.
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ram is so cheap right now why not go with 4 gigs? the ati radeon 4850 512mb offers a lot of performance value for the money and when i looked at your case link newegg said this:

"Deactivated Item

When a product is out-of-stock, it may show as "Deactivated" on the item page. This could mean that the item is no longer available and we are searching for a new supplier. However, if an item has reached the end of its product life cycle and will no longer be available at all, the deactivation will be permanent."

i built a pc 5 years ago with this lian li and it was fantastic, i plan on buying another one when i build again this year (sold my old computer) the removable motherboard tray and thumbscrews help a lot and it looks great in person.

to help reduce costs you might be able to go with a 620 to 650 watt power supply, i like corsair and they have modular (removable cables to reduce clutter and increase airflow) and non modular (though sleeved cable) versions.

edit: just saw that you said you were getting the items from somewhere else so disregard what i said about your case being out of stock at newegg. also i wanted to say that zalman does make a good psu like you chose so if you wanted to stick with it, its a good choice as well as corsair.

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