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Pierdolcie sie
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Security: where to start

Back in HS i was big into security, "hacking" using unix shells, etc, disabling simple password protected programs etc etc. Nothing too crazy. I stopped and i have been out of the loop for at least 8 years. Basically i would like to get back into it so i can teach myself various techniques on preventing attacks and other things of that nature. I was thinking about getting a cert in security and maybe go into that direction of IT shenanigans. I would like to know how to design system to prevent attacks, create infrastructures, etc.

The one thing i dont like is programming. I used to know C++ but that was long forgotten.

What can i start from? What kind of a book or training should i do?
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It all depends what section you actually want to be in. Look up books by Greg Hoglund. They have a white hat hacker cert that is supposed to be decent. You could set up a web server and run through a checklist securing it then run through something like Back track running tests on it until you find something you missed.

Hopefully someone who is actually in InfoSec/NetSec will reply though.
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The Spyder
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I run backtrack on my Esxi box for hardening. So far I am still learning, but its amazing what it picks up.
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Pierdolcie sie
SebG's Avatar
Thank you, ill try out that tool
Old 02-26-2009, 08:02 AM SebG is offline  
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