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The "Where To Eat" Index Thread (Updated 2009!)

San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Central California Valley, CA
Atlanta, GA
Reno, NV
Columbus, OH
Hamilton and Fairfield, OH
Las Cruces, NM; El Paso, TX; and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
New York City, NY
Minneapolis, MN
New Orleans, LA (And this thread too)
Baltimore, MD
Kansas City, KS
Philadelphia, PA
Boston, MA
Portland, OR
Chicago, IL
Spokane, WA
Seattle, WA
Boca Raton, FL
Brevard County, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL
Ann Arbor, MI
New Haven, CT
Fairfield and Waterville, ME
Dallas, Denton & Fort Worth, TX

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Vancouver, BC

Glasgow, Scotland

If I forgot anything, feel free to post in this thread & I will add it to the main post.

TheRequiem says: Now that edits are gone, post your city thread link (as above) and one of us will add it to the list here. Or, just post your recommendations in a nicely formatted post and I will just link to that directly.

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Ken Stewarts Grille (downtown akron)
Lockkeepers (suburb of cleveland)
Lannings (akron)
Whiteys Booze and Burgers (richfield)
Clearview Grill (akron)
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i wonder if someone could make this into a map. because i dont know where those places are, but if im going on a road trip (or even a vacation) one look at a "where to eat" index map would tell me what's close
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How about Berkeley/Albany East Bay Area? I just moved out of the city and need to start collecting some "spots"
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The only place you can get milk in a bag.
Boston, MA Area

The Blue Room - One Kendall Square Cambridge, MA - Cheap, Small Portions, FAST SERVICE!
Maggiano's Little Italy - 4 Columbus Ave Boston, MA - Expensive, Huge Portions
Fuji Restaurant - 698 Hancock St. Quincy, MA - Sushi (Try their Mozzarella+Onion Maki!!!!)
Tecce's - 61 N Washington St Boston, MA - Awesome seafood dishes, and I usually don't like seafood

All I can think of at the moment, but there's plenty more
Yup, still from Boston
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Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon - Depending on how much you want to spend, I'll throw out some ideas.

Portland City Grill & Bar on the 30th floor of the US Bankcorp tower. These guys are pricey, but have THE largest wine selection in oregon. The steaks rival Del Friscos (in Texas and Florida). They are amazing. Everything is gorgeous but it's hard to get into, think at least 3 weeks ahead, and their bar is amazing. Best rib-eye in the northwest. They even have sushi.

Seratto - on 21st, this trendy italian resteraunt and bar has the coolest people around. Everyone who works there is awesome. It's got a great wine selection and if you're just out on a friday night they can accomadate you. Very good pick for a nice night out. The boar is excelent here.

Caffe Mingo - two doors down from seratto, this is THE BEST ITALIAN FOOD IN DOWNTOWN. It's spendy and HARD to get into. It's not a large resteraunt and isn't as trendy as seratto, but the food is the best. The ceaser salad is the best i've ever had and very cool looking. Their pastas are all made in house and are the best in oregon. As I said it's hard to get into and their specialty of the house goes quick every night, so get your name in early and head to seratto for a drink while you wait.


Da Vincis - Right outside of Milwaukie over by the bomber there's a little mobster looking italian resteraunt called Da Vincis. If you want the 2nd best italian food at Milwaukie prices, look no further. There's only one chef and he's a 6'5 redhead who studies in italy 2 weeks a year to make sure he's up to date on everything. His veal is amazing and the seafood is the freshest anywhere. His tiramisu is the best in the city also. If you need good food at a good price, this is it. And it's not huge, so you dont have to worry about lines.

Rheinlander - One of the two largest german resteraunts in portland. They have good food in a good German atmosphere. I dont know what else to say.

Gustavs - On the west side over by washington square. It's a new German resteraunt with beautiful german food. If you're on the westside looking for somewhere to go that's casual but nice, this is your stop.

PF Changs - Chinese They're everywhere and they're always good. prepare for a loud environment though.


Marine Polis - Cheapest sushi in town, it's not bad but not anything special. If you're on a budget this is the place to go.

This will be amended but my hands are tired because i'm not on my own computer, so this is it for now.

[from user lowrizzle]
Portland - not marine polis. If you like sushi, it's arguably the worst in the area. Try Sushi Takashi on broadway and couch. They have a real, not a sushi train, a real model train, that brings the sushi around the bar.

Also great is I love sushi out in Beaverton. It's ran by Koreans and is sushi with a Korean touch, such as the Korean Chirashi.

Sushiville is heaps better than Sushiland (Marine Polis). They're not all mexicans making your sushi, and they hand-press the nigri.

For mexican, definately try Pepino's on Hawthorne (hippie district). It's fresh, awesome, and healthy.

For german, Reinlander. Gustav's is like their own little red-robin offshoot. Not "authentic" but fun.

For drinks and good food and usually terrible service, ANY mcmenimen's restaurant.

For pizza, none of it's all that great.

[from user flood]
Italian - Basta's in the Perl dist. Best restaurant I've ever been to IMO.
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Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Japanese - Rangetsu
Unbelievably good authentic Japanese food. Sushi, kobe steak, and a considerable amount of other Japanese dishes. Mid-high price range (~$50 per person depending on what/how much you order).

Amura sushi on Sand Lake is great too. Right next to it is a Season's 52, very nice kind of standard restaurant, steaks and fish, pastas and sandwiches, great flatbreads. I don't know how many other locations they have, they're owned by Darden.

In the Publix shopping center at Conroy and Kirkman there's a great little Italian place called Stallone's. Not very fancy, but great food and friendly people.

Sweet Tomatoes, International Drive & Universal Blvd.

Cuban Sandwiches To Go, Lee Rd, 1/2 W of I-4

Orlando Ale House, next to the Florida Mall, Sand Lake Rd

[Credit to The Stig and [BBB]Ktulu as well]
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Washington, DC- Lebanese Taverna
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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Mick and Angelos on Lundys Lane on the corner
- great italian eatery. Mmmm amazing mozza sticks
The Flying Saucer on Lundys Lane
- 99 cents breakfasts... get there early
Boston Pizza on Clifton Hill
- mmmm amazing pizzas
Cappachio on Lundys Lane
- haven't eaten there but brothers girlfriend says its amazing!
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Central California Valley, Cheap:

219 E Main St, Visalia, CA
-Awesome selection of microbrewed beers, and a chili-in-a-sourdough-breadbowl that can't be beat! I highly recommend their Sequoia Red and their IPA. They also make some great homeade Orange Cream Soda, if you or your companions don't drink alcohol. Top it off with live music and a great atmosphere, and you end up with a damned good dinner + fine home-brewed beers for < $25.

Tokyo Garden
3320 S Fairway St, Visalia, CA
-Good sushi, good people, good habachi chefs, and just a real nice place. The restauraunt looks kind of bland on the outside, but the interior is well designed and comfortable. There's a large eating room with a bar, multiple booths, and habachi grills, but there's a second 'new' bar in the middle and also a bunch of private dinner rooms, all with widescreen LCDs. You pay around $25 per person, and it's more than worth that.

Jasper's Saloon
E D St , Lemoore, CA
-Surprisingly good restauraunt, bar & grill, for such a small town. Good american-style foods, and a good all-you-can-eat soup & salad bar. But it's also cheap! Dinner's cost can range from $10-20 (more if you get steaks, of course), plus the cost of a beer or two.
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New Haven, CT

Frank Pepe Pizzeria - the last word in pizza. try the white clam pizza.

Yankee Doodle - fantastic burgers, small but flavorful (get 2 - 4). diner-like atmosphere.

Great Wall (inside Hong Kong Grocery) - cheap but incredible chinese food, far better than the average chain. vegetables are cooked long enough, not rush-sauteed. the rice is perfect as well.

Ann Arbor, MI

Bubble Tea Island - typical bubble tea place. expensive, good tea but i've nothing to compare it to. cozy, lots of board games etc. available

Red Hot Lovers - great dogs (of course), but also good burgers and excellent chili cheese fries (they use real melted cheddar). service can be a little slow, interior is dimly lit and kind of dodgy if you're not used to college town hole-in-the-wall establishments.

Zingerman's Deli - wonderful $12 sandwiches. it's also a great gourmet food shoppe, with a good cheese selection, perfect baguettes, imported olive oil and all manner of good foods. their gelato is sublime.

Schakolad - good hot chocolate and truffles, expensive. if you need chocolate, this is the place to go.

More Ann Arbor, MI [from pcslugster]

NYPD - Great, expensive, new york style pizza. Delish

Za's - Great, 5-6ish bux, Italian food.

Cottage In - Great deal - 1 large 1 topping with free crust - $7.41

Noodles n Co - Noodles! And some other foods.

Dollar Slice Pizza - Can be found @ Backroom Pizza and In & Out

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Boca Raton, FL

Swifty's Market and Grill.
Sorry for the lack of address but it is on Boca Raton Blvd 1 light West of Glades Road. It may be a quickie mart but it has the best Cheesteak Sub around, hands down. They take a few minutes to make to be prepared to wait, and there is only take out but it is amazing food.

Cuban Cafe 3350 NW Boca Raton Blvd # B34
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Great food and good service. Bread is an excellant appetizer. I would highly reccomend the Churrasco or Palomilla Steaks. Great food reasonably quick and good service. Staff is very knowlegeable and can explain menue items if you do not know cuban food. Meals run between 10-15 $.

Talia's Tuscan Table 4070 N Dixie Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Great small Itailian eatery and market. They sell ingrediants if you like to cook yourself. Make sure you are starving for this one, becasue while the other food is good, you go to Talia's for the huge (think football) sandwiches. Made on amazing bread, there is a vast selection. My favorite is the Caruso which is a meatball and sausage parm. Be prepared to sit next to people you don't know as seating is limited but is set up to encourage sitting with anyone.

Warehouse Pub
599 NW 1st CT
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 392-3798

Looks like a dive from the outside, but has good, if somewhat greasy food on the inside. Very inexpensive as well. My reccomendation is the sliced steak wrap.

As a side note cirial's choices in Ft Lauderdale were excellent. Espcially Jacks and Peter pans.

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Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Arlington, VA
Great view of the Ronald Reagan Natinoal Airport and best steak/service in the area. My favorite would be the lousiana seafood gumbo soup and ribeye steak oscar style (crab cake on top of the steak).
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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles


Sushi Echigo, 12217 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Don't know the suite number, but you can't miss it on the second floor. Go here if you're a fan of the real experience. Some of the finest raw fish you can have in West LA, with a simple sushi bar with two chefs who work behind it non-stop. The cuts are great and the quality is top notch.


C & O Trattoria, 31 Washington Boulevard, Venice, CA (310) 823-9491
First off, this place has HUGE servings and I mean it. They have a "full" serving which costs only a few dollars more than the regular and it's enough for two people, or for you to have another dinner the next day. The pasta is pretty good and they have an excellent wine selection. Oh, and they have these free garlic bread balls that can come non-stop and rock the casbah. It can get packed on Fridays / Weekends.

Abbot's Pizza 1407 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA (310) 396-7334
This place has awesome fucking pizza. Pricer than your Pizza Hut or Dominos, but more than worth it. If you're a fan of cheese pizza, you cannot pass up the 4-way cheese pizza. Fucking awesome.


Tito's Tacos 11222 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA
It's not a sit-down place as you order from a line (expect to wait a bit) and pick it up from the same window. Some people will have the taco's for the first time and say "Eh, it was nothing special," but a week later they'll be craving Tito's Tacos. These things are seriously crack. Their burritos are also good and they offer an excellent sauce (not spicy) that's full of flavor.

Grand Lux Cafe (Beverly Center) 121 N. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
At the corner of the Beverly Center, the Grand Lux Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat. The entrees are around $12-20 ($30+ for steaks) and are very generous as far as serving sizes go. They have awesome appetizers, too, including the Asian Nachos and Stacked Chicken Quesadilla. They also have "baked to order desserts" where you order your desert early on and they bake it and it's usually done by the time you're eating. The service can be fucking spot on or sometimes a dismal miss.

[credit to Azamat]
Pizza : Big Momas and Papas Pizzeria (

Tacos: El tapatio : Glendale, CA. Corner of Los Feliz and Glendale Ave.

Breakfast Burritos: Lucky Boy. Pasadena, CA, On Arroyo Parkway, across the street from
Trader Joe's

[credit goes to Talenos]
Best cheese steaks I've ever had in my life period!
Philadelphia Sandwiches
11112 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

Tacos are amazing, I love their corn tortilla shells and relatively cheap
Casita Taco De Carbon
11300 Magnolia Blvd # 1, North Hollywood, CA
(818) 508-8118 - close call - 2 reviews

Casita Taco De Carbon
405 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA
(818) 848-3242 - close call - 1 review

I also second Big Mamma's and Pappa's.

[credit to Elepants]
more for los angeles [or just below los angeles in the south bay, where i live]:

best late night - the kettle in manhattan beach. this place is always busy because it's so goddamn awesome. and the food is really good for it being a 24-hour spot. costs about $10 a person for an entree and a drink. cuisine is kind of like the chain restaurant, mimi's [faux french whatever]. i don't even like mimi's and i still like the kettle.

best izakaya - musha in torrance. an izakaya is a japanese bar that also serves a lot of small dishes to satisfy your palate while drinking. i'm not into japanese beer, but musha is delicious simply for their risotto and beef tongue. cozy and warm on the inside [the bar, not the beef tongue], good variety of meats and seafoods you can choose to grill . . . reminds me of gyu-kaku, a charcoal grilling type japanese restaurant also found throughout los angeles. about $20-25 for one person including drink.

[fruitloops adds:]
if you're in LA, eat tommy's burgers!!
tommy's FTW.
and all of california/parts of nevada should eat @ in n out

[but dyejob argues]
in terms of 24hr joints in the LA/hollywood area,
CANTER'S DELI > tommy's burgers

[MoDawg warns against:]
If you're in L.A., I'll tell you where NOT to eat. Jerry's Deli. eyuuck!
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Originally Posted by teh scud
this thread needs to be filled with more content

requesting dallas/ftw/denton area.
Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, TX

Mr. Max. 3028 N. Beltline Rd. Irving, Tx
Good sushi, good katsudon, good tea, good atmosphere, can't go wrong

[from user buteohawker]
Byblos is a wonderful lebanese resaraunt off of north main street near northside drive.
Tunero mexican food is down north main a little farther closer to the stockyards.

[from user lannie_poo]
for a nice atmosphere and a twist on sushi, fuse... from 4-7 pm mon-sat is dollar sushi and sake

the brisket potstickers are the bomb!

or if your clueless on what to eat, head to addison "restaurant row" on beltline... every freaking chain restaurant is there

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