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Golf(e)'s Avatar
No, of course it doesnt mean that
And motion soared in every direction, causing a tidal wave of thought to crash dumbly through walls, and made passageways where previously was occupied by the stillness of mathematics in its purest manifestation of white reflection on white backdrop
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my rectum bleeds everyday
CommiePunk's Avatar
hopefully you learn and don't try that again
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RMTC is the only man that can handle my tits!
apextual's Avatar
she never thought about it because she's not interested. next!
shabubu: apextual is the baddest bitch on the lollernets.
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Don't respond to me, I can't read your posts :(
huxley's Avatar
friendzoned long ago it seems, gl next time. Just either break it off and have some dignity if you're just hanging around hoping she will date you.

Otherwise be prepared for heartbreak when she is dating another guy and talking about how her vagina hurts when he does her doggy style.
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"The Man" who impregnated your sister
DarthWombaT's Avatar
she thought about it, probably the minute she met you, and thats when she said no
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The check engine light when you ECU (cars computer) sets a trouble code. It's no hoax, just because
"i'm too busy right now" and "i never really thought about it" is something i would say to a girl i didn't like who confessed romantic feelings for me.

all things considered, it's a nice way to let someone down, but don't read into it too deeply. it's still an obvious rejection.
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ltsmash's Avatar
Now that the same post has been repeated about 20 times, all I have to say is don't let it get you down, learn from it, and good luck in the future
"you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."-Homer Simpson
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I have a huge hard-on for Battlestar Galactica.
Mr.Coffea's Avatar
Honestly, if she's gonna reject you like that, time for you to play hard ball

Sever ties, ignore her, hopefully get a snarky comment in beforehand

You have a tiny chance she'll come crawling back. Most likely, she'll just stop talking to you. Either way is better than being the chump that stays friends with a girl that openly rejected you clinging onto the hope that she one day changes her mind
"I Have A Feeling The Ladies Like Mr Coffea"
-Mr Coffea-
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