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"At least your dick isn't skinny"--Hootbot
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Ugh, someone torch Lurker's house, i despise trekkies :P
lsdofl ilol i am drunk
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teeth are nice. Not hard too hard though. during oral, a little bit.
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Originally posted by Lyndzie_kitten
I love teeth and many forms of pain during teh sex0rs. Especially biting my nipples, which aren't very sensitive, so when he bites I can really feel it and it drives me wild. I love to feel as though I'm being ravaged. Hair pulling is good, but my bf doesn't really like to hurt me, which kinda sucks, but sometimes he'll do it a bit just to make me happy.
bahahahah, you are so fucked up.

wanna sexx0rz?
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I like teeth. Little love bites...sometimes more.
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