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I can think of one thing I really liked about each of my ex girlfriends...
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im a dumbass who posts my bosses credit card number onto the internet for people to abuse
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Originally Posted by Millions View Post
Well then I'd definitely not recommend doing it on Facebook where, you know, everyone can see!

Could be some excellent failbook material.
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i stole this title from a nigger
I think it depends on A) If you care to have any ongoing contact with your ex and B) your current gf, and how secure she is with you communicating with other women.
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Big C
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Originally Posted by 2a View Post
I block em.

Block them if they are a whore that should die in a fire after getting a STD (eg. my last ex)

Else ignore them if the breakup was bad

Unless you are the rare person that can be friends with an ex and not get jealous if she's being nailed by somebody else when you become single then C

As Vinnie said, Ex's are not friends.
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Matador Herz
One of the first girls I ever dated in high school added me on FB a few months back. I accepted and forgot that I had her on there until recently. She was a total C-U-N-T to me back in the day and judging by her photos got a LOT of plastic surgery done. I made some awful comment toward her flubbery, blubbery, collagen-filled disaster-of-a-face and deleted her. Never heard anything back.

I go with D: If there's zero chance of repercussion then say whatever you want and have a laugh.
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Add her, look at all her embarrassing drunken night out photos, chop the best ones, post em, ROFL then delete her.
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Seeing as how I'm friends with more or less all the exes, I'd add her. I don't understand why you cant still be friends

Of course, if you aren't friends at all, then the answer is obvious, isn't it.
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I don't get how people can be friends with their ex's (on or off facebook), to many memories and emotions...even if you are over them its just not worth it.
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