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Originally Posted by fieroloki View Post
I went 2 years once without after a BAD breakup. I just hated women in general. Didnt need the sex, the bs, the drama or anything. It came back though, BIG TIME!!

Now im in the "I wanna fuck every hot girl" camp as well.

I wasn't nearly that long, but by having the time of my life without needing/having a girl around made having a girl a much less significant need in my life.
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el borracho
I luvs me some big ole fatties... too bad my lil weiner makes them cry! :(
libido comes and goes and that's just life.

the last few chicks i've dated have said they weren't into sex as much as their previous boyfriends, and that that usually caused problems, didn't mean i wasn't into sex when i dated them, just meant i had to temper my moves a bit and not over do it.

after awhile, i just kind of laxed a bit, and it wasn't on the forefront of my mind. that being said, not too long after i stopped dating each of them i basically went nuts and fucked like a jackhammer with random sluts.

everyone has different sexual needs, in a relationship you try to meet somewhere half way. sometimes, at the end of a relationship, you're still at that halfway point you've been living at for ages, sometimes your mind is just preoccupied with "growing up."
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Exercise, diet, and I think of all things it is the emotions that comes heavily into play when we talk of the human libido, MALE OR FEMALE.

It sounds to me like you were in your first committed relationship, and this was the first time you attached the emotional tides of a relationship steadily to the seas of bedroom activity. Now, what will turn you on more than just the visual senses is something that elicits an emotional response. Perhaps a meaningful conversation, or even something as fleeting as a familiar smell may provide you with the ignition key to horniness.

You will have to learn to repress the emotional stimulus while keeping the sexual response intact. This will of course come with time but if you focus and give my words a good think you will learn how to put this phase to rest and quickly reprogram.
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