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Wisdom teeth pulled

I had to get them surgically removed and now they hurt like hell. Is there anyway I can make the bruising and puffiness of my cheeks smaller?
Old 11-09-2010, 08:23 AM fullvietFX is offline  
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just got mine pulled as well. Drink a ton of liquids; use an icepack to bring the swelling down. Take all your meds as perscribed; and eat nothing but soft foods.
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I know this is late and the swelling is probably down, but here's some aftercare stuff. That weird little syringe thing? Fucking use it. I was wicked scared of infection, so I basically flushed my mouth out all the time. You could have made computer chips on my tooth wounds. Keep brushing to avoid infection. Enjoy your meds. And if you're still having problems with swelling, talk to your doctor, and use ice packs and NSAIDS like advil.
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fuck that. i ate chips and salsa less than 24 hours after i had mine removed. also kaluha milkshakes if you can't eat real food
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Don't suck anything until the wounds are fully healed. Dry sockets hurt like hell. Other than that, just clean the holes with the syringe and eat soft food, it's not that bad. I had all four pulled and 2 were impacted. I didn't even take meds aside from OTC ibuprofen.
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Chips and salsa = fail. Chips will cut the fuck out of the wounds and the food will impact in the sockets, and any hint of capsaicin that gets in the socket will ruin your life.

Swelling - Ice packs for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off alternating. I'm assuming they gave you Lortab/Vicodin or some sort of synthetic opiod with tylenol. You can supplement it with an over the counter NSAID as directed (if you can normally take them) to help reduce pain/swelling.
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