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Have you had sex in your computer chair?

Heh my friend's were telling another friend of mine where he couldn't sit in my room (they have issues with sitting places i hav had sex) anyway they brought up my computer chair and I started thinking. I never really thought about having sex in my computer chair till it happened. So how many of you have done it with a female or male (i am not here to judge) other than yourself in a computer chair.
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this is plot from
other then myself? 0. we'd fall out.
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well, didn't have sex in the computer chair exactually, but it was in the iminidate error.. used as a prob to lean against... but since there are arms on the chair it makes it a little bit harder...
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Originally posted by aylaNL4
in the iminidate error..

i think you ment area, not error, to much time on the computah for you, go outside for awhile

and i'm getting a blow job as i type

/me waits for the response "pics"
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I have a new one now, but I had 'broken in' my old desk chair.

I guess I'll have to work on that

Side note: Office chairs are the BEST for oral sex
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this is plot from
Originally posted by Dark
everything you need to know for genmay is right here:

who needs General [H]ospital when you got General [M]ayhem?
Old 01-23-2003, 07:09 PM plot is offline  
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No, i havent done it yet, but my BF and I plan to. Oh yeah
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I've had sex in my personal computer chair at home.

I've also had sex in every chair and on every table and desk in my office. Unf, unf!
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i received one of the best blowjobs ever in this chair...
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Well, just a few questions...

1.) Do you have to have an orgasm?

2.) Does it have to be penetration?

3.) Can it be oral as well?

Well then....yes I have to all three
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a bloody tampon wants to know what it's gotten itself into....
several times, yes.
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I've lost count of how many times I've fapped in my chair.
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It was pretty good until she received some major internal damage from my 3 foot dick.
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I'm completely worthless as a human being and I steal my friends personal items
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No... I doubt my chair would handle it too well if I was to get married and try it this weekend either...
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