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I got a DUI. I had to do 9 mo of alcohol class and 19 AA meetings, along with cal trans. 2nd DUI is 18 mo program. After all the shit the courts gave me for the first one, I'd be pretty damn stupid to ever drink and drive again.

Your buddy should be going to alc classes weekly...although CA is stricter than other states.

Don't disown him as friend. That's a bit fucked up...but he's gotta understand the gravity of his situation if he isn't thick-headed...
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I agree, definately don't just automatically disown him, but if he doesn't make any progress and isn't even trying to get past the binge drinking, then it might be time to start looking for a new friend.
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You obviously care about him. Tell him so and that you don't want anything bad to happen to him. Tell him you want the best for him.

Is this behavior in your friend informant of any of the problems in your life that you neglect? Has it helped you to realize something you have failed to draw enough attention to or something you wish you could change? Tell him about that. In order to get someone to admit their problems and that they need help, you need to first self-disclose and admit your problems and admit a willingness to seek help for them, or to do something about it. Your friend, seeing your willingness to share, may become honest to you and himself and finally come clean about his situation and how it has eaten him up, and may go so far as to admit he needs help.

There is a cause for his behavior. You need to figure that out before you even think of asking him to reconsider his relationship to the drink. And if you even go that far, don't you fucking dare enable him by going out for so much as one drink with him. Maybe you can control yourself when you drink, but it would be good to at least take a step back from alcohol and evaluate your relationship with the drug, or at least keep it completely separate from your relationship with this good friend of yours.

Before you delve off into worrying about someone else, think about yourself and what this response has made you realize about yourself. Are you willing to get involved in issues that really don't concern you? Do YOU have a drinking problem? Are you stuck in thought and scared to act and do the right thing in this situation? In helping him, you should try and help yourself.
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