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We will find all of these scare ideas on Fox News somehow linked to terrorism
This post is GENIUS!
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did somebody say buttsechs?
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Of course. If it isn't news, its on fox.
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No ideas at the moment
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dotfoldered for later viewing
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Ill write up a story late tonight, but i suck with photoshop.
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Originally Posted by TheJesus
meter. I donno, we seem to think that if someone is british they are an expert on things.

LOL, it's exactly the same over here only in reverse. If they're gonna explain something 'complicated' on TV they'll get some American to do it. We hear the accent and are like "OMGosh, he is american, he must know what he's talking about".

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No one read my stories?
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Download smileys much? A short study shows that over 60% of the smileys downloaded had embedded viruses, and even worse, a smaller (but still quite frightening) percentage actually had subliminal white power messages!

I dunno, someone flesh this out some?
[M]ovie Buffs Club
Major Religious Figure of the Asian Crew
1998 Audi 1.8T Quattro
Han "Hot Soup" Tzu of Dragon Ar[M]y 12.22.04
Kir Kanos of the INS Executor
I-no-longer-touch-my-penis Club (starting tommorow)
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wish I was creative enough to really participate, but I do have a suggestion for sending out the chain letters.
You know how with most chain letters you have to scroll through days worth of the "to:/from:/date & time sent,etc" of who it went to before it got to you? some of that should be put at the top of these stories, so it doesn't look like you are the first one to send the story out. We want it to look like it's being widely spread, not like we are the only ones who know, so make it look like a million people got it before you.

PS, I also have 6 gmail invites if you need them to make a "for every e-mail sent to this address, $1 will be donated to saving the life of my child who has been infected by the deoxyribonucleic acid, and also, can no longer hear due to exposure to orange juice cartons" type e-mail address.
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I went ahead and did one about the matrix and terminator movies stealing their ideas from some random girl I made up. I found a picture off the internet of what she looks like and made a website.

I made her win some fake lawsuit.
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sounds pretty leetsauce, i am willing to photoshop whatever pics, just post them.
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I'll post these in my high school.
Old 12-06-2004, 04:33 PM zhaizor is offline  

did somebody say buttsechs?
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post more stuff.
Old 12-06-2004, 05:45 PM TheJesus is offline  

bump for worldwide (and i'm still looking for someone to make a fake website for my article)
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Isnt there supposed to be an 'O' in 'country'? Nope
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now that i just aced my grammar test i'm in the mood to go through and edit these, i'm gonna compile them all into one text file and re-post it with my own comments on effectiveness, feasability, believability etc
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