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Originally Posted by Malmhead
reverse angle!

is that teflon coated?
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Full_Metal_ Jackoff

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I collect swords by Kit Rae and currently working on collecting The Lord of The Rings series of weapons.
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Two small customs..
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stupid dumbass
Well, here is my kat, a Yoshimichi with 28 sori, 10 inch tsuka.

Nicely balanced, heavier than a Bugei Dragonfly but not so heavy as a samurai or something. And, cuts like there is no tomorrow. I've had it for a few weeks and done maybe 15 or so mats. Kesas and kiriage come very nicely, even when my angle is off. And I even learned to do yoko...very difficult cut :-( Yes, this is a cutting blade, quite unlike that which you find at the local cutlery shop. Unfortunately, these are fairly expensive, and they do rust as they are NOT stainless.

Queen Cutlery Large Stockman, D2 blades, cocobolo handes. A sweet, sweet knife...and cheap too!

Benchmade 943...very fun knife, smooth action, light, balanced towards the handle. Not so heavy duty, but light and quick. And a rather thin blade too, slices well.
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Why do you have knives?
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Jeff Goldblum
im an expert in knifeology, i majored in it for 2 years.
set your goals low so when you dont achieve them your not mad.
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fuck, no camera... lets see if a scan works....

got it real cheap at a student ghetto garage sale, infact I got a friend to buy it for me.
ya, its a pos, but it looks kindof cool... I am not into knifes all that much, too cheap, no need.
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The bayonet and everything south is Blod's.
My name is YELLING!!!
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Originally Posted by Nitr0sity
anyone ever own a smith and wesson SWAT knife?

I loved mine, but it sank with my little aluminum boat
they have smooooooth action, good weight balance
great knife for the price

I have one, its a normal blade though....great knife, Honestly, the best I've ever owned for the money....but benchmade makes some that are just as good..
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Shit is yummy
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hahaha... haha.. i was looking, and i hit back, hitting back i noticed a blue color *qtf?* haha.. vibrator..
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sorry no cam, spyderco calypso jr. exactly like the pic except I have the older model with the black handel, carry it and my leatherman squirt p4 everywhere.

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High Speed, Low Drag
spyderco = great knife for the $$
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00 Buck
I have 3 of these. Great chopper/slasher.

Machete & light axe in one.
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Originally Posted by 00 Buck
I have 3 of these. Great chopper/slasher.

Machete & light axe in one.

Ah... I miss my 17" kukri... wish I knew who stole it so I could kill him.

The black one.
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Alienate me, learn to hate me, Crucify your ideals the flesh is the swine, We are the last ones and we are bleeding for an unseen god.
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