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Print Screen Replacement 1.3
(Search for it at

Each time you press Print Screen, it saves your computer's current screen as a new JPEG. (SC-1.jpg, SC-2.jpg, SC-3.jpg, etc.)

So the next time you want to explain to someone step-by-step screen procedures to accomplish something in a particular program, use this.
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I want to hang out with all the boys ;)

Novell made this application that lets you map an FTP site as a drive letter. Works very well, and includes caching and some other very nifty tricks.

Novell's licensing doesn't really let them give it away for free but it's all over the internet.
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or maybe try

WebDrive is more than just an FTP client. You can perform file transfers without running a separate FTP client application. Store and edit files on FTP servers as easily as you edit files on your local PC.
but unfortunately it's not free
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Off-the-Record Messaging

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging by providing: Encryption, Authentication, Deniability, Perfect forward secrecy.
gaim/pidgin plugin available.
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ROBOCOPY - Robust File Copy Utility

Part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit - Excellent tool for copying large amounts of data using scripts. Especially useful over network links


Fast Open-Source defrag tool for Windows. Great to use with scheduled tasks
/ A.C.T
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Originally Posted by Malmhead View Post

i love you and this program.
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GanttProject is a free and easy to use Gantt chart based project scheduling and management tool.
basically, it lets you make charts like this, which can be pretty useful for complex project planning
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snow loving faggot user - banned 3 days - Vendetta
Originally Posted by kooshball View Post

Holy shit this is beyond awesome for XP.

Thank you
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Recover Files 2.0

Recover Files is an award winning program that can undelete / recover deleted files after they have been deleted. Recover Files is a professional file recovery software that allows it's user to recover accidentally deleted files.

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Samurize is an advanced system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. IT professionals, overclockers, gamers and desktop modders alike use Samurize for system information, weather reports, news headlines and much much more. And best of all, Samurize is 100% free!
Fully customizable monitoring software. Includes a WYSIWYG editor.
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Not seen this mentioned anywhere (as far as I can tell), but this little extension for Firefox is damn great:

ImageHost Grabber

What is ImageHost Grabber?
ImageHost Grabber is a firefox extension that will download all images on a page that are hosted on an image host. You find this often in web forums where people will use a free image host to post a gallery of pictures. This extension will allow you to download all the images on the current page.

What versions of firefox are supported?
As of right now, version 1.0 to 3.0a1 are supported. Simple enough right?

What image hosts are supported?
Currently, the following are supported:
10pix , Adultimagehoster , Allyoucanupload , Babeshack ( , Babeupload , Campusbug , , Divshare, Dumpanimage , Dumparump , Facebook , Fap2It , Fapomatic , Fileden , Fotofap , Freefilehosting , Freeimagehost , Freeporndumpster , FriendlyImage , Glowfoto , , Hostwhore , Imagebeaver , Imagedemon, Imagefap , Imagefly , Imagehaven , Imagehigh , Imagereverb , Imageshack , Imageshadow , ImagesHappy , Imageshock , Imagesocket , Imagevenue , Imagewaste , Keepmyfile , Mexaupload , MonkeyMedia Image Hosting , Myspace , Paintedover , Photobucket , Picsie , Piczhost , Pimpshare , Pixloads, Pussyupload , Shareapic , Shareavenue , Shareloading , Squirrelturd , Snapshotgirlz , Supload , TheImagehosting , Tinypic , TopPicHost , Uploadem , Upqt , Urlcash , Usercash , Webshots , XS.TO , Xxxloading , Zshare
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For Vista

What is Start++?

Start++ is an enhancement for the Start Menu in Windows Vista. It also extends the Run box and the command-line with customizable commands. For example, typing "w Windows Vista" will take you to the Windows Vista page on Wikipedia!

Advanced functions can work with search results, powered by Windows Vista's integrated desktop search engine. For example, typing "play radiohead" will find all music that matches the query "radiohead", compile the results into a .M3U file, and launch it in your favorite media player (actually, it only uses Windows Media Player for the moment, but that will change soon).
Find it here. It also has commands for a Google search, "g genmay", or Google Image search, "gi genmay". Incredible stuff!
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innotek VirtualBox

innotek VirtualBox

I've been using the free open source version on my windows host for several months now. i have yet to experience any bugs or crashes running windows xp and several distro's of gnu/linux as virtual machines. i mainly use it for programing and testing software before i install it on my my non virtual machines. the best part is its is much lighter and more responsive that vmware which i've been using for years.

it does everything i want such as usb pass through, snapshots and saved states, cd/dvd drive and image mounting, very light networking options and it changes the screen resolution of the guest os based on the resolution of the virtualbox window. lol i feel like a commercial but i love this program.

Originally Posted by
VirtualBox by innotek is a commercial and proprietary (with a limited GPL version) x86 virtualizer for Linux, Mac OS X (beta version for 10.4 Tiger), OS/2 Warp (experimental OSE builds)[1], and Windows 32-bit and 64-bit hosts supporting FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, OS/2 Warp and Windows as guest operating systems.[2] After several years of development, VirtualBox OSE (Open source edition), a limited, open-source version, was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) in January 2007.

Compared with the other established commercial virtualization software such as VMware Workstation and Microsoft Virtual PC, VirtualBox lacks some features, but in turn provides others. Such unique features are running virtual machines remotely over the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), iSCSI support and USB support with remote devices over RDP.

VirtualBox supports Intel's hardware virtualization VT-x and has experimental support for AMD's AMD-V, but doesn't use either of them by default.[3]

According to a 2007 survey by, VirtualBox is the third most popular software package for running Windows programs on Linux desktops.[4]
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Remember Taskbar Shuffle? This one works on x64.
Русская [М]афия
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Русская [М]афия
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