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HD: EASTORE 58% off 2 downloadable titles (30% off code plus auto 40% off)

Stole this from slickdeals

EASTORE 58% off 2 downloadable titles (30% off code plus auto 40% off) Includes Sims, Spore, FIFA, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Crysis, The Saboteur & More...

Apply 30% off code: EAPARTNERS2009

It takes 30% off first, then applies the auto 40% off for a total discount of 58%

Example for $26.97:
Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning®
Dragon Age™: Origins
Unlock Codes for Dragon Age™: Origins (PC Downloadable) - Shale PDLC and Blood Dragon Armor

Does not work on pre-orders

Offer expires 12/24/2009

enjoy =)
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Something to take into consideration:

Hi ansys,

What I told you before was actually a little off. I discovered today that EA did discontinue our the EADM's Extended Download Service, so you are correct in reading that you only have access to the game from EADM for one year. You can backup the install file however (burn it to a disc or an external hard drive) and then reinstall it at a later time.

If you were to lose your file or code after that year is up you would need to contact our Warranty department to get a new game or code:


Panoptico // EA Forums Specialist
So now when you buy a new EA game at retail and register the serial in EADM you can only access the game for 1 year?
Hi ansys,

That is correct.


Panoptico // EA Forums Specialist
I hope this helps anyone who plans to download and backup:

You would copy your TSData, TSBin, AutoRun.exe, etc. files onto a program such as MagicIso, and make an ISO file. On my computer, they're saved here: C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EADM\cache\

Then, once you've done that, you can burn the iso file to a CD/DVD disc. This way, if you ever have to install again, you can just use the disc.
You will need to use EADM no matter what, apparently, for downloadable titles.
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el aye
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Originally Posted by MooK View Post

What a gross and disgusting process compared to Steam. Still a good deal if you don't mind that hassle.
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