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Cool thanks!

6 weeks
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sir tex
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Badass, got one.
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Mario raped Peach in her fuzzy spot while twisting and twirling his mustache sexylike
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Originally Posted by Disarm View Post
Looks like I found my wizard robe. Now I just have to find a wizard hat and I'll be all set.

Thanks Bapes.

you can shoot my magic missle

-e- are you a dood? if not, of you. i may need to revise this post.
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purebooyah = cran
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no zoop for you
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this has spread through my FB like wildfire
2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

California Pizza Chicken
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Drizzt's Avatar
fuck ya, i have always wanted one of these

should be coming right in time for cold christmas

"Do not be afraid of the darkness, be afraid of what it hides"

- Drizzt Do'Urden

d53f78fef409408e2230f13db8ca19bb []

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exrus's Avatar
Ordered mine, hopefully we all receive them!
Sig Heil
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3y3 4m t3h Gr4et gr4nD m0th4rfUxing mor4n! W4t<h //\y b33f kur+4nz F|4p!!# 4y4m 1e37!
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I have always thought these were the creepiest things, now I will own one.
09 F9
Old 11-04-2009, 08:35 PM Zangmonkey is offline  
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Got one for my woman haha
Das Auto.
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
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Forever Domon
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haha, how did I know this was a bapes post before even clicking. I doubt ill get it, but ordered. I can afford to look ridiculous in the comfort of my own home for free.
Old 11-05-2009, 05:20 AM Forever Domon is offline  
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This poster has been awarded the MGH SEAL OF APPROVAL for Sept 2009
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Wait, don't you have to do some sort of survey first?
Old 11-05-2009, 09:18 AM the_ginchiest! is offline  
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Originally Posted by the_ginchiest! View Post
Wait, don't you have to do some sort of survey first?

We may attempt to reach you via telephone to conduct a brief survey, discussing your thoughts on the product received. Our phone call will be placed shortly after receiving the product or sample, and should last no more than 15 minutes. Our call will be placed between 10AM and 5PM, Monday to Saturday. If we do not receive an answer from our first call, we will wait a few days and attempt a second. We will place a maximum of 3 calls, at which point we may contact you via email asking that you phone our offices. While this phone call is not mandatory, it fuels our promotions and helps us continue to offer free products and samples. It is for everyone's benefit that you take our brief survey.

We will also collect data on whether the product is made of sturdy materials, is exactly as advertised, and contains no flaws and is in perfect running condition. This information is used to assess the worthiness of a product, and may be sent directly to the manufacturer.
e7d4fee041ff74558f67a9e7674ee889 yah knowz
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Since I continuously bitch when The Queen posts, she is my new av.
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can't wait
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this site is a scam
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