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"girl" Friend and Girlfriend Conflicts

Ok, so I've had a really good friend of about 2 years who happens to be a girl. I had feelings for her at one time, but that was over a year ago. She goes to a different college far away from where I live, so I hardly ever see her, but we keep in touch real well. Now I have a girlfriend of 3 months. She's likes this friend of mine but she's kind of uncomfortable with my relationship with my "girl" friend, because we are really close. So spring break is coming around and my girlfriend is going to Tampa for the week, and I'm going back home. My friend will be in town for the break and wants to go visit another friend of ours from high school in a town that's about 3-4 hours away. She wants me to drive her up there. I really want to go because I'd ge to spend a lot of time with her, and we haven't seen each other in a while, but all I can think about is how uncomfortable that'd make my girlfriend. I haven't asked my girlfriend yet if she would be ok with me doing that. I know that she might be ok with it, but I also know it will probably make her uncomfortable. I kind of already told my "girl" friend that I should be able to go on the trip with her. I really want to go on this trip but I don't want to upset my girlfriend. I've tried getting other friends to come with us but every one is doing something else. Any suggestions on how to approach my girlfriend or "girl" friend about this?
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just let her know that you'll be hanging out with a buddy of yours that you've known for a while. have you mentioned her before? i wouldn't tell her that you used to have a thing for her..
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To hell with your girlfriend. She has every right to worry but she needs to learn some trust.

Whose friendship do you value more, your friend's or your girlfriend's?
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If she cant trust you, she aint worth it.

so go.
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What? that doesnt make any sense!

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She definitely trusts me. I'm not sure if she doesn't trust my friend or what. I've mentioned her before and they've met and she said she liked her. I didn't tell her I had a thing for her once.
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It shouldn't matter whether or not she trusts your friend, so as long as you trusts you not to let anything compromising happen. Besides, are you really willing to give up a two-year friendship over this girl you've only been with for a few months?
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make sure you let your girlfriend know what's happening. It's nice to see that you're concerned about her feelings. Then go with your friend and have fun. And just to prove to your girlfriend that you were thinking about her even though you were with another girl (who's just a friend) buy her something while you're where ever you're going. a little teddy bear, something small. Just to let her know that you were thinking of her while you're gone. Trust me, as a girl, that's all I'd need to confirm that I am right to be trusting you.
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If you don't tell her you're going to hang out with a girl, and your girlfriend catches you... You might be in big trouble. Your GF might think you are being sneaky, which leads to cheating.
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just don't cheat on your girl.
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Thanks for the advice Lyndzie and Twet. Yeah I wasn't planning on not telling her, because if I did get caught that would make me look really bad.
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Hrmm. Reverse the situation.

Say your girlfriend had a supposedly "pluetonic" boy friend that she had feelings for at one point and he wants her to drive somewhere alone several hours away.

You may trust her as much as she trusts you but I bet you dollar to none you'd be stressing about it ALL spring break.
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can you bring her with you?
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No I can't.
Yeah Millions, that's exactly what I was thinking. I mentioned it to her today and it didn't seem to bother her so.... no big deal I guess.
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If you really like the girl you're with, i'd skip the trip to not rock the boat.

Her feeling uncomfortable imo is normal, and if it were me i would prob just reduce my contact with the "girl" friend that i keep in touch with.
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I think you should go. You were friends with this girl before you met your girlfriend, and you'll probably still be friends with her after you're done with your girlfriend.

One of my best friends is a girl, and we've kinda dated before. I tell every girl I've dated how it works with my friend and that she's one of my best friends and that I won't give her up. I've found that the girls I'm dating like my honesty about it, and it's never an issue. I'm not a cheater, so there's no reason for my gf to worry.

Just play it cool, explain the whole situation to your gf, and maybe give her a call a few times while you're on the trip. Also, as Lyndzie suggests, get her a little something while you're on your trip, she'll love that you were thinking about her.
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