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i hate you gene. i hate you so much.

i went to walmart

i hate that store but i wanted this

it says it's in stock at my store. "only a few left"

so i went to the electronics section with that SKU 468426732 and the full name of the phone, and the aisle it's supposed to be in - L14.

the old guy there is just dumbfounded that somebody could enter his place of work and request his help giving them money for something in stock.

"it's a telephone?" he asks

yes it's a telephone.

he brings me over to the landline phones and points at them.

I said here, it's an unlocked smartphone. Here's the SKU number and the exact product name.

he says "i'm going to go find my associate..." and instead helps someone else for 5 minutes.

then he comes back and tells me again that he's going to "find his associate"

he spends 10 minutes with some fat old woman who apparently can't talk to or look at me while they browse the cage full of boxes behind the counter.

after about 30 seconds of searching he tells me that he hasn't been able to see it sitting there, so it isn't in stock. the only one in stock is the "floor model" which is actually epoxied to a cord/alarm thing and obviously not for sale. he said that if I come back this evening the department manager will be in and can sell it to me.

I knew it was right in that cage and he's just too stupid to even read the god damn boxes until he sees "motorola"

"no only associates can be back here"

I said whatever and left.

I went to the customer service desk and asked if they could check if something was in stock for me.

they said "only a CSM can do that"

I said... okay, well I can check it from home on the website and I don't even work here, but yeah, go ahead and get a CSM.

oh, they're all at lunch. nobody's here. can't help you.

So I left and went to the other store that there were supposed to be "only a few left" in. their website listed the aisle # for my store but not for the other one, so i had less hope.

same fucking problem. complete idiots. the lady tells me "I didn't know we sell unlocked phones... is that straight talk?"

at least she apologized for not knowing anything about how to do her job, including the most basic task such as asking someone else.

so I asked her - is there anyone here that knows anything about what might be in stock in this department?

she started by saying "uhhhhhhhhh........." for about 30 seconds when finally my knight in shining armor walked into view. a chubby male, estimated between 22 and 30 years of age. the kind of guy who knows at least enough about consumer electronics to *actually* be qualified to work in an electronics department.

so she called over to him and he came over

he actually knew where they kept these phones. where it might be if it were in stock. in the corner of the bottom row of the prepaid phone aisle in a locked cage thing.

there was one. one box. exactly what I wanted. the box was torn, somebody probably returned it? I don't care, as long as it's in new condition and works.

so i got it.

saved $100 vs ordering from amazon. worth it? well it took an extra hour and a half or so vs sitting at home and clicking the order button. amazon's website has excellent customer service. much better than actual humans at walmart. fuck them all, useless people.

I guess it was worth it but I still can not believe how incompetent people are at walmart, even after having this same experience dozens of times. I always forget that people can really be that bad at a completely unskilled job whose only requirement is that you also buy things and can be friendly and apologetic when you don't know something instead of hemming and hawing afraid to even admit you don't know.

and I know there is still one there, at the first walmart, in an undamaged box, 15 inches from gene's knees, that I couldn't get. that pisses me off.
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OP who is a shutin possible borderline agoraphobic learned retail workers at the lowest paying retail store in America are bad at their jobs and not knowledgeable about cutting edge tech

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Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
lowest paying retail store

they make more than minimum wage. start at like $9/hour.

Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
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boobie poo bear luv hugs
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(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
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ROFL, love family guy !!!
Old 09-30-2017, 10:46 PM lol is online now  
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phone is too big i cant use it with one hand

where are all the good under 5 inch phones
Old 09-30-2017, 10:49 PM lol is online now  
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