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Help me pick out a reasonably decent backpacking/camping knife for the guys in my wed

Hi all!

I'm looking for a good, or at least decent knife that would be well suited to backpacking or hiking or camping.

I'm not looking for some ridiculous bear killing knife, or a knife that I can use to protect myself against backpacking rapists, etc. And I'd prefer the knife not look that way either. In other words, I just want a "boring", but nice looking knife that can/could handle tasks like:

Cutting rope/line
Making marshmallow sticks
In a pinch opening a can (hopefully not, but again, in a pinch)
Making kindling
In a pinch cutting up a fish/duck/goose/deer (again, in a pinch)

Now, here's the catch (and I know you guys won't approve of this): I need to buy TEN of them, which means I don't want to spend any more then 30 bucks on each one.

Also, ideally I'd like to buy it on Amazon.

Personally, and again I'm guessing some of you may not approve of this, but I'm a bit fan of "Swiss Army" knives. Big knife for some things, small knife for some things, scissors for cutting my nails/etc. Those are really the only blades/tools I use, but still.

I have also thought about getting something like the Gerber assited open knife here - but, it looks a bit too militaryish I think. I'm buying these knives/tools for a bunch of practical, non-self-defense sorts of people who might look at that and feel like a bit of a wanna be tough-guy carrying it around. If that makes sense?

Anyway, I'm really just looking for you opinions/advice. Bonus points if you have any knife in that price range that you actually personally use backpacking or hiking!

N[W]O - ***Ace Sextuple***

****I AM ACTUALLY shoelessone****
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You want a multi tool or a knife? Kershaw has the best bang per buck. Get them Kershaw Skylines from wal mart.

This is like the current hot EDC knife currently. Great blade shape, decent metal, has G10 handles and has a GREAT price tag. Its definitely not a self defense tacticool knife.
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Also, while I don't have a Skyline myself, I have a Packrat that's also a very similar flipper knife from Kershaw. The assisted opening is SWEET on these knives.
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I make it rain on them hoes.
I am a huge fan of Puukko knives when I go backpacking. Seems to always find a use.
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Maybe it's just me but I like a little bit of serration

Edit: I have this fast draw and I really like it.

Edit2: Too militaryish? They're not overly aggressive but to each their own.

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