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Lost Odyssey for 360. Worth it?

I recently picked up Lost Odyssey for cheap. I love traditional RPGs and all, and I know this game has the grandfather of FF working on it. But from what i've played of it... i'm slightly unimpressed. Like, its hard for me to pick it up and start playing again. I really want an RPG, but I hear Dragon Age isn;t good for a console, so i'm sticking with this. Any thoughts?
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ya, i bought it for like $20. it seems pretty meh.

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if you like JRPG's, it's right up your alley. however, the dialogue is incredible cheesy and the game drags.

i personally can't get into them anymore.
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I played it for a good 4-5 hours and thought the battle system and overall rpg elements to be very generic.
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Very good jRPG
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Only good thing I got out of it was selling it back to GAME for more than I paid!
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after getting The Last Remnant I doubt I'll be getting another jRPG for the 360
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I liked it, I was looking for an old-school feeling jRPG at the time and it fit that niche well.
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I say yes...and I'm not really rabid about RPG's.
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great game, good combat system... TOOO MANY FUCKING CUT SCENES AND TEXT TO READ.

when you are into the game bam a dream scene takes you out of it. buy it used, its worth it.
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Its very much like a final fantasy game, just not "as good". Still a good game, and I finished it with some side stuff done. It offers a ton of side stuff and optional bosses.

If you like JRPGs then there is no reason why you wouldn't like it...
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