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As an owner of every platform (sans PSP), I'm a bit surprised to be admitting that this, a DS game, is my most anticipated game of the year. Every time you look back on a Zelda game, you realize just how sublime the experience was. Remembering how much fun I had with Phantom Hourglass and noting the reception of this game is a combination for piss-pants fanboy-ness.
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Been playing the past 2 days, I'm enjoying the dungeons, but the train sections are just ok. I'm in the third dungeon right now (ocean), and my biggest gripe with the game so far is all the blowing into the microphone that's required. Everytime to use the flute or the windmill thing you have to blow into it, I end up having a headache after playing for awhile. It just feels like a gimmick. It doesn't add any enjoyability to the game, or make me feel more connected to what I'm doing, just kinda annoyed. Otherwise, the game is pretty decent.
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Same Boat

Originally Posted by georgie2546 View Post
If this game got shit reviews I would still pick it up as I'm a hardcore Zelda fan, luckily though from what I've seen that's not the case.

I heard it's better than Phantom Hourglass which I thought was a nice change of pace from the standard Zelda.

Im in the same boat you are but im still a fan and will pick it up as soon as i can
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