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darkfall! who plays? a question or two...

Who plays on here? How is it, the skill system, learning curve, pvp?

Anyone play on a laptop? Wondering what kind of performance you would get on a core2duo 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, ati 4650 1gb dedicated machine...

Also, any good sites to read up on what's happening with the game? is the server population good?
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Ive been looking at checking this game out for a while. Kind of want to wait until theres some sort of a free trial or something though. Havent really heard anything about it.
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I :plane: M|22

like all MMOs that aren't wow, it promised a huge amount of stuff, launched like shit, then is slowly dying.
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I played for a month after launch. Its such a boring grind.

They got a few things right. You can have a ton of fun if you get with a good crowd. But really its just for those people who are obsessed with "OMG LEET PVP, I PWNED YOU!" type attitude.

I would wait for Mortal Online, see if they fuck it up and decide then. They are are being very ambitious about it as well with features and open pvp/looting.
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Mortal Online is already on track for fucking it up. Darkfall has lately been gaining popularity, it only took them 8 months to get on track. They've recently released their 2nd free "expansion" that made sea battles more interesting.

DF is no where near what it was when it launched and I wouldn't say it's slowly dying, it's slowly gaining fans. Unfortunately the population is always going to be limited because of the type of game it is, since there's no hand holding, more like foot stomping. But it's probably the only game out there that's somewhat similar to every PVP'ers dream game, UO.

It is a grind though. There are a small number of quests and everything is a skill that you must level up by use. So if you want to raise archery, you gotta use your bow...a lot. Most people turn to the age-old macroing system. But once you manage to build a decent character you can be one of those city sieging, noob stomping, pking, camping, griefing, anti-pking, alliance fighting, ship-taking, village taking, phat lewt stealing, magic wielding, territory owning, armor/weapon/potion/artillery-making/horse taming/jewelry-wearing/building+ship constructing/ enchantment crafting sons-of-bitches.

If you do pick it up, do your research and join a good guild because this game is all about owning spawns and having a safe place to macro.

edit: and . Also, I've played this on my old Macbook Pro/bootcamp and it ran OK. Not the greatest, but OK. You should be fine.

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Originally Posted by dxmzan View Post
this game is all about owning spawns and having a safe place to macro.

That pretty much says it all... you play the game in order to earn a spot to "not play the game".
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