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Tell me about anti-depressants.

I won't bore you with a long story about my current situation, but suffice it to say I'm not doing so great. I go to a site like this and I can check just about every box. Everything I have read suggests to me that I have some form of depression.

I'm a little wary of going to my GP however, because I'm afraid they will just send me off with a prescription after 2 minutes, and I'm not sure that anti-depressants are what I need.

Can anyone give me a personal anecdote about the effects that anti-depressants have had on them? Alternatives? Warnings? Anything would be appreciated.

All I ask is that if your response is something along the lines of "just man up and fix it yourself", don't bother posting it. I've tried and failed. I need some sort of external help, I just don't know what.
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Well, if you go to your GP they would just hook you up with a contact for a psychologist or a psychiatrist. My personal experience was with Zoloft. I didn't really have any bad side effects except for difficulty sleeping, stomach pains for about a week, and a generally feeling of apathy/zombie like emotions. I suppose they do work but they weren't for me. I took them for about 6-9 months and I didn't feel that much better per say. You should see a counselor/psychiatrist. You don't have to receive meds just tell them no.
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I would reccomend that you see a clinical psychologist. If they think that you might need medication, they will refer you to a psychiatrist who can prescribe medication. All a GP knows how to do is issue a prescription. As you have suggested, you might benefit from other options such as counseling or a combination of medication and counseling. The clinical psychologist is highly trained in diagnosing and treating a variety of problems with a variety of methods. Good luck man!



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I was on varying doses of Zoloft in my mid-teen years. I'm 22 now. There was a time in my life where I though my problems were MY PROBLEMS and I could solve them myself, but that was destructive thinking. Getting help for my depression was the best thing I ever did. The manic episodes weren't even worth it.

What I will say is that though meds were very helpful for me, getting counselling was the real deal maker. He wasn't a super-psychiatrist (the counselor didn't even give me the Zoloft, it was a clinical guy), but he did listen to what I said, got to some of my insecurities, and helped me face them. A good counselor doesn't just nod for an hour. Part of it is making you face up to your own hypocrisies. In order to do that though, sometimes you gotta chemically balance yourself out.

After a few months of counselling, I found I could make my own happiness, and I slowly weened myself off Zoloft. I didn't tell my clinician this (I didn't really go back to him at a certain point), but I had the support of my family. Life isn't peachy for me, but the problems I do have are very manageable.

But you want some anecdotes on anti-depressants? Okay.

-Most anti-depressants will make you take non-solid shits for a few weeks. Not a big deal, but that's what it is.

-They will fuck up your sleep schedule a bit. It will go back to normal, though.

-They are not magic pills. Before you think they don't work, give them 2-3 weeks.

-Don't take more than you should. This sounds obvious, but mid-way through taking Zololft, I took a whole pill one night, instead of breaking it in half like the doctor advised me to do. I was tired, but whatever. I woke up the next morning, and I found myself fascinated with everything, and couldn't get mad. I spent five minutes jumping up, trying to touch the ceiling. I remember telling my sister that should would have to drive to school today (I normally drove in the mornings) because I was afraid if I saw a dog while driving, I would drive up to it for a better look. That whole day I couldn't get pissed about ANYTHING. Bad test grades, people yelling at me, nothing doing. The experience inspired me to not be one of those people on meds for life. I liked the support of Zoloft, but I didn't like the idea of a medicatino controlling my feelings like that, so when I felt the time was right, I gradually went off of Zoloft.

In short, yeah, you're probably going to be on anti-depressants if you go through with this. In order to get where you want to go, you need a map, no matter how motivated you are. Meds clear your head and give you the map you need to move forward. If they aren't doing anything for you, tell your doctor.
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