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Need advice on my meal plan!

As the title says, I need advice on my meal plan. Haven't really been too motivated about losing weight until now. I can come up with many excuses but they are just that, excuses. I was declined by four health insurance providers for individual plans (self-employed and do not have a group plan I can opt into). Worse part is, I lied about my real weight (20 lbs. less than what I am currently). So, I am motivated. I can't afford to go on not being covered in case shit happens.

I'm not viewing this as a diet but more of a lifestyle change. However, I need something that tells me what I can eat so I can stay within my calorie goal instead of aimlessly trying to find stuff and keep track of it (and fail).

I calculated what my daily intake for maintaining my weight (300 lbs) which is between 3,000 - 3,500 calories per day. My goal is between 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day which should give me a weight loss 2 lbs per week, well within healthy standards.

The meal plan is for 6 days (Monday - Saturday) with Sunday being a somewhat cheat day (carb load ie pasta's, sushi, lean hamburgers, etc.). Every morning (8am to 9am) I take 1 fish oil pill along with 2 1,000mg vitamin d pills and also do the same before I go to bed. I drink half bottle of 5 hour energy and the the other half sometime in the afternoon most of the week (except on sunday's or when I do not need the energy). Water will be a gallon a day.

I'm eliminating lifting weights until I drop some major poundage. My work outs will be strictly cardio with 10-20 minutes of running/walking on a treadmill before bed and hoping a small jog in the morning. My goal is 30 minutes daily.

What you guys think?

Calculating the meal plan, I get between 2,000 to 2,500 calories with 250g of protein and 200g of carbs (give or a take).

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I think your kcal deficit is a little too large and bordering on unhealthy. I'd aim for a 500kcal deficit each day, even less if you are trying to maintain muscle mass.
And having a cheat day is, well that, cheating and counter productive. Cut that out.
Also, why not just drink a cup of black coffee if you are in need of something to pick you up?

Also what do you plan on eating to reach your goals of 2,500 calories with 250g of protein and 200g of carbs?
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Don't eliminate the weight lifting, it's one of the best ways to lose weight. Restricting your calories will prevent you from adding muscle mass anyway, so you don't need to worry about it.

30 minutes a day of light cardio is pretty tame. You're not going to burn many calories doing that, especially broken up into two segments. If that's all you can handle right now, that's fine, but try to work your way up either in intensity or duration.

Diets seems ok, but I'd stick to the 2500 calories end of it.
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