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Live with Friend A or Friend B..

So next school year i have the option to either Stay at the current Student apartment (4 bedroom) i'm at now, or move into a different complex (2 bedroom)..

I currently live with Friend A..I met him this school year, We were randomly thrown into this 4 bedroom...We hit it off fine, we are good friends, we hang out every weekend, i'm friends with his friends..But we see some stuff differently. I have to watch what i say around him sometimes, VERY religious and i'm no were near religious. Really into sports, i'm into sports but not as much as him. At times i can stand him, at times i just get annoyed of his living habits.

Friend A and B do not get along. Friend B lives across form me. I have no issue with him, we have the same interests although his bed room is messy, the apartment with him and his other roommate is neat. Sure he can talk alot, but its stuff that i can throw in my 2 cents not some stupid sports team stats crap.

The Situation:
The three of us were planning on living in the 4 bedroom apartment with each other..Only cause Friend B knew me, we get along but wasn't to fond of friend A. I recently went to a party at the new complex i liked, and really made me want to think about it more..It soon came to be were friend B might not be able to live with us because he cant afford it. I just threw him the thought of the other complex, he wasn't sure. Friend A went to the same party, liked the place said he will think about talk to his mom about it.

He said he would talk to his mom, and its been at least 2-3 weeks. I'm like w.e its not that big of a deal if i stay where i am now. My parents are totally fine with it (just have to live with someone i know). I hear from a friend of mine that he already talked to his mom and shes kinda iffy about it, and didn't bother braining it up to me. (Am planning on bringing it up to him in the next few days, to find out forsure)..Friend B recently told me that he might be living with us next year (money got better), and also would consider living at the new place. I originally asked him (B) first because A hasn't even made the full commitment to living in the current complex.

So right now, i haven't heard anything from friend A about a yes, or no about the new place..Were friend B already said to me hes game for the new place..

So it puts me in a tough situation..Do i tell Friend A Sorry, you waited to long i'm living with B now?

Does any of this make sense?
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Only you can choose who you would rather spend your time with. Consider what its going to be like seeing either of these people on a longer-term basis than usual. Living with someone can alter the dynamics of a relationship with that person so consider that as well.

You should get back in contact with A and be clear that you feel you're running out of time and you need to know what he's thinking about doing as far as living arrangements. Let him know that B has been bugging you to room with him so you need him to shit or get off the pot.
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Sometimes your best friend can be the worst roommate.

You always have the option to have other kids over, leave the apartment, etc... but when you sign the lease and your roommate leaves stacks of dishes, clothes, does whatever... you can't do anything else but talk about it which may or may not work.
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Your post was confusing, but based on what I think you're asking, here's my $.02.

It sounds like your best case scenario is that you get a four bedroom place with A and B (and a C as well?). If that's the case, and it's still on the table, pending A's agreement to it, ask A one last time if he's in. Make it clear that you need to move on this, and that this is his last chance before you go sign the lease with B for the other place.

Base your actions on what he says. If he can't commit, go with B. If he can, arrange the other place.

On a totally unrelated note, long narratives where you obfuscate names by using "friend A" and "friend B" are infuriating to read. Just make up names or use their real ones.
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