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Originally Posted by domonbaylespam View Post
she didnt really ask, nor seem to care if he's sleeping with his ex.

She just wants to know if his anger is manageable.
Right, which is why this thread is now beyond repair. The only advice that will be given will continue to come through in only one way (the obvious way) and she is not interested in it. Theres nothing we can say at this point. Im sure she has reasons for believing hes not sleeping around and theres lots of stupid little stuff that we dont know or want to know. In the end, shell have to figure this one out on her own.

I do look forward to the next thread though....
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Originally Posted by SexiOne View Post
sorry to be so vague, was trying to keep on point but though we havent put a boyfriend girlfriend lable on this we do say we love each other and we talk about living together. He and I don't sleep with anyone else but each other. He offered that, saying he would feel weird hooking up with anyone else etc. So this isn't exactly casual friendship status, but nothing is "official". Thanks again all for the help.

How could you think you were going to get decent advice without including this kind of information in the OP?

Looks like we've got an affirmation thread and no actual desire for real advice.
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Forever Domon
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uhhh, thats really odd. You say you love eachother but arent together. Thats a very backwards order
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well never mind about the post i made. in fact, everyone elses post for that matter. i agree, if all you are worried about is his anger issues then you shouldnt really be worried about any of it (if that makes any sense). and i love you and moving in together but not BF/GF?? kinda odd but whatever.

bottom line is whether he is a BF/FWB/buddy and acts like a immature prick and you dont like it, dont put up with it. not your job to compromise and fix him.
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Locked by request.
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