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I tried the Thai Deodorant stones a bit ago, they work great except for when you drop them. Not so great for those of us who are clumsy :\
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Buddhist Fag
As far as the whole antiperspirant vs. deodorant thing goes I will say this: Aluminum definitely makes skin itch. I don't know if it causes Alzheimer's/Cancer/AIDS but I noticed that when I switched to an aluminum free deodorant my pits never itched. I mean before I always thought a little itchiness was normal there but wow, what a difference it makes using aluminum free products. Never tried these thai stones though... maybe I'll grab one if I see one around here.
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Oh hey i dropped mine yesterday, awesome.

Fucking pieces of shit

im never getting one again solely for that

I will drop deodorant sticks- its inevitable.

10 dollars
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I'm using this deodorant called Herbal Magic

Its a roll-on so no worries about dropping it nor does it have aluminum or aluminum compounds. Comes from a company called Home Health
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