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Someone told me once you start Rogaine or any of the other topical treatments, that if you stop, your hair falls out even faster? Total Myth? I have a little friar tuck action starting to kick up on the top/back of my head, and I hate it.
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No it wont go faster. It will eventually revert back to how it was before. It could trigger a "shedding" period where the follicle resets and drops the hair and starts growing a new hair.

The issue is the testosterone levels, specifically the DHT levels. Propecia ( finasteride )and Avodart ( dutasteride ) block the conversion to DHT and thus stop "damage" from occurring while they are taken.

Rogaine works by increasing bloodflow and overcoming the "damage" the DHT causes ( mostly miniaturization )

When you stop either of them then you start to reverse the effects. It wont happen faster. But it will happen again unless another factor causes your testosterone levels to naturally fall and reduce the effect.
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Propecia (and other products containing finasteride) causes a rise in testosterone levels, because testosterone that would normally be converted into DHT remains testosterone. Persistently higher levels of testosterone in the body could have negative psychological effects, such as impulsivity, aggression, irritability and depression

Artificially low levels of DHT in the body could cause some unwanted conditions. DHT is an antagonist of estrogen. Men’s bodies also produce the female hormone estrogen in the adrenal glands, although this is just one-tenth of the estrogen that premenopausal women produce in their ovaries. By reducing DHT with drugs, a man’s protection from the effects of estrogen may also be reduced. This could result in gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is bitch tits btw.
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