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How I quit/am quitting smoking

Hi everybody. I rarely post but thought this was important enough to share.

I've been a pack to a pack-and-a-half smoker for about 18 years now. Most of the times I've tried to quit have been excruciatingly difficult but I have found something incredible and I haven't had a cigarette in about 50 hours now and have only had a few instances in that time that I wanted one at all. It sounds gay but...anal sex with another man. NO WAIT NOT THAT.

Electronic cigarettes. I bought one after doing some research with a "well, couldn't hurt" attitude and it arrived Friday at 1pm. Since then, 0 cigarettes and it's been pretty damn easy. It does deliver nicotine so there's no withdrawal and you can slowly step down your nicotine from "danger to manifold" to no nicotine at all. My usual nic withdrawal is fucking hellacious including such awesome symptoms as irritability, inability to focus, anxiousness, sleeplessness/sleepiness, severe abdominal pain and punching kittens.

I ordered the wife one too and for the meantime picked her up a cheap one at a gas station locally. She hasn't had a cigarette since Friday either and the results have been the same for her. It's not 100% analogous to smoking a traditional cigarette but it's close enough.

  • Somewhat High-ish initial cost: You can survive with a $45 starter kit but I'm a geek so I plopped down about $250-$300 for spare parts, liquids, chargers, 2 for the wife, etc..
  • Fucking batteries: You need at least two and the lives are quite short. A heavy smoker will want probably 4 batts a day.
  • Juice: gotta keep filling these things up with liquid

  • Much cheaper overall
  • You can use these anywhere
  • No smelly clothes
  • No smelly breath
  • No smelly car
  • Less anal leakage
  • No tar, urea, ammonia, arsenic or any other of the 4000+ chemicals in cigarette smoke
  • 80 trillion different flavors.
  • None of the shitty side effects of the patch. I tried the patch once and it gave me the shits like hell and made me jittery (that was low mg too)

Before anybody says "just man up and quit cold turkey". That might make 110% perfect sense to people (and believe me...I see the logic in that line of thinking) but obviously it doesn't for the millions of people who can't. Smoking gets its claws in you and it can be insanely hard for people to stop (thus my 18+ year habit).

For anyone that cares, after my research I decided on one called the "JOYE 510" but there are dozens of different ones out there. There are also tons of forums and youtube videos on the subject.

If you smoke and have tried to quit and were unsuccessful, SRSLY get one of these things.
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Congrats. I'll just add that I smoked as much if not more than you for 8 years and I tried to quit for years. What finally did it was simply ... cold turkey. One day I woke up decided not that I wanted to stop smoking but that I wanted to get in amazing shape.. and set some goals, which included running a half marathon within 6 months. So I started training, and let me tell you, its pretty much impossible to train for a half marathon and smoke at the same time lol. Quitting smoking then became a smaller task on a large laundry list and because of this I think it was easier for my mind to combat it. Instead of looking at quitting as this impassible object, it was now just something in the way of a larger goal. Mind over matter, and you have to win over your mind before your body will follow. Magic tricks and gimmicks are never going to help you quit if your mind isn't right. They may logically counteract the chemicals, but never lose sight that will power is what is going to get you to quit and most importantly ... remain off cigarettes.

I quite smoking that day (still had half a pack left, none of that "Ill finish this pack first shit"), started training, and ran that half marathon 6 months later... all the while losing 50lbs and getting in shape. Its been over 4 years since that day and I haven't touched a cigarette since. I spent $0 quitting and saved thousands.

Ultimately always do whats best for you, congrats on your progress. My advice is to set a goal for 6 months from now, completely stop drinking alcohol until your target date and stay away from tempting influences. Others might tell you thats overboard, but thats the point. Give yourself and your body a winning chance at overcoming addiction and think of yourself first and anything anyone else says last (including me I suppose lol).

Good luck, you can do it.

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Congrats on the success thus far. Cold turkey works, but not for everyone. You should gradually lower the usage of the electric cigarette until you no longer have the desire for it.
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I played soccer and smoked

now i don't do/can't do either
true story
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Originally Posted by Fritchard View Post
and punching kittens.

but seriously, congrats man. My mom has been smoking for like 35 years. no way in hell she will ever quit, even though we all hope she will. She has tried everything. Problem is that shes doesn't want to quit, so there's no hope.

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Maybe I don't smoke enough, but what Olestra-flavored cigarettes are you getting that result in anal leakage?
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Originally Posted by RiderOnTheStorm View Post
Maybe I don't smoke enough, but what Olestra-flavored cigarettes are you getting that result in anal leakage?

The Wow! 2500 series (butter flavor)
Member of the "Proud to have a KA24DE in their 240SX" Club.
93 240sx coupe KA24DET
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