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shit the needle broke off in my ass cheek
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Straw Man
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so like, I don't like the look of that, so if anyone actually engages in discussions with those freaks, could you please direct them to my wiki user page. ty
surely the notion of intercontinental travelling to beat up someone over a wikipedia article is ...obviously ridiculous, can't have a nerd being uncorrected
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Lord Herr
Originally Posted by Straw Man View Post
"Almost certainly" what the fuck is that
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hay guys whats going on in this thead? v. like the name rape change
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please buy me a title cause mine was to long
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Originally Posted by Straw Man View Post

"Your account or IP address has been blocked from editing.
You were blocked by W.marsh for the following reason (see our blocking policy):
Autoblocked because your IP address was recently used by "The Straw Man". The reason given for The Straw Man's block is: "almost certainly threatening Saxifrage off-site"

I think I made a post saying where people should buy me a plane ticket so I can go beat him with a bat like yeah.
edit// no, I did not try to edit anything

proves hes reading this thread and whining about it to his mum as he fucks her anus softly

edit: she fucks his

i bet hes got a thread about this at SA
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wtf is this?
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privacy issues
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they closed the discussion

time to go undercover
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damn, it took forever to find this thread.

But, i do love the move. i like what we can do from here.


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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
damn, it took forever to find this thread.

But, i do love the move. i like what we can do from here.

what exactly can you do from here?

for gods sake i've posted twice, they killed our wiki page, can we even get it back?
can we do anything funny enough to make up for it?
you guys decide... right now it just appears stupid to me. the jokes have been contained within genmay for the most part and thats just crap.

no offence guys.
seriously, i want to see something cool, but it doesn't look that promising atm
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ok heres what we do guys:

1. the answer to this problem is not revenge... it is NOTABILITY. we have to do something AMAZING! we must combine our forces to great the ultimate internet hoax.
2. we will need hax0rz, pwnerz and scientists, and sheners to do something amazing.
3. we need to first sit down and smoke a phat bowl to come up with ideas.
4. done
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I FOUND WAFULZ NAME: from the U of waterloo Crosscountry team's website

Steve Formaneck

Program:Management Sciences

Reasoning: All of the articles he have created about schools are from kitchener in ontario
he is a crosscountry runner

though I find that he is a "mathie" but i don't know what management sciences courses entail

could be this guy: (is a mathie and lieks running, but it says he is in Minnisota, possibly old?)

mentions waterloo in the page...

FS: Halo 2 (BRAND NEW)
Author: Steve Formaneck
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 21:21:49
Bytes: 219
Lines: 12
X-Trace: 1120339307 24589 (2 Jul 2005 21:21:47 GMT)

----- Message Text -----
I have a brand new Halo 2 XBOX game for sale. Unopened and in its
original packaging. Asking $30 O.B.O.

Email : formaneck1 AT yahoo DOT com
Phone: 519-743-0759


if we could confirm that this guy is the same guy who is fucking us on wiki, we now have his phone number.


Steve Formaneck
Phone: (320) 589 – 6712

Current Address
600 East 4th St. #176
Morris, MN

Permanent Address
411 5th Ave. South Wahpeton, ND 58075


To enter a PhD program and obtain a research fellowship with a University in the field of Operations Research which provides a beneficial learning environment.


University of Minnesota, Morris: Morris, MN 56267
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (in progress)
Majors: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science
GPA: 3.815
Expected graduation: May, 2002

Wahpeton Senior High School: Wahpeton, ND 58075
GPA: 3.85
Graduated: May, 1998

Computer Experience

Platforms: Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP; Mac OS; DOS; Linux / Unix

Software and Languages: BASIC, Scheme, HTML, Java, C; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, FrontPage, Access; WordPerfect; ACT Database; Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker 5.0/6.5, Illustrator, Acrobat; BBEdit

Math and Statistics Software and Languages: Mathematica 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1; Matlab 5.0, 6.0; LaTeX; R; SAS; ARC; Mirek’s Cellebration; Concept Draw; Smart Draw; MathType; Management Scientist

Relative Studies

Computer Science: Refactoring; Database Systems; Software Design and Development; Machine Learning; Models of Computing Systems; Data Structures; Algorithms and Computability; Introduction to Computing; Algorithms, and Problem Solving; Elementary Structures and Formalisms in Computer Science; Algorithms and Computer Programming

Mathematics and Statistics: Discrete & Combinatorial Mathematics; Applied Nonparametric Statistics; Operations Research; Applied Probabilistic Modeling for Management Science; Applied Deterministic Modeling for Management Science; Directed Study in Problem Solving; Multivariate Statistical Analysis; Data Analysis; Mathematical Statistics; Pure Mathematics I, II; Linear Algebra; Calculus I, II and III

Work Experience

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Morris, MN (July 2001-July 2002) Student Participant -Improving existing algorithms for detection of linear matrix inequalities for semidefinite programming problems -Implemented these improvements into Matlab software, analyzed the changes, determined complexity improvements

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Flagstaff, AZ (June-August 2001)
Research Assistant (Northern Arizona University) -Studied linear matrix inequalities, semidefinite programming problems, and backgorund needed to analyze these problems fully -Improved existing algorithms for detection of linear matrix inequalities for semidefinite programming problems and implemented some of these improvements

Morris Academic Partnership (UMM) Morris, MN (August 2000-May 2001)
Student Partner
-Developing a computer-based Java Applet used in creating edge-incidence matrices and converting them into weighted directed or undirected graphs
-Implementing GUI and backend data structures using Java and JFC -Studying hypergraphs and exploring relations between these graphs and their representations using edge-incidence matrices

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Minneapolis, MN (July-August 2000)
Research Assistant (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
-Studied the many areas of Cellular Automata Research
-Researched Traffic Cellular Automata and discovered specific phenomena
-Designed a simpler way of viewing 2-dimensional cellular automata for specific situations

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Golden, CO (May-June 2000)
Research Assistant (Colorado School of Mines)
-Researched methods in symbolic computation of solitary wave solutions for systems of nonlinear partial differential equations
-Developed an algorithm for solving systems of nonlinear partial differential equations
-Implemented the algorithm into a Mathematica package

Division of Science and Mathematics Morris, MN (Jan-May 2000)
Grading Assistant
-Graded assignments for Professor Engin Sungur’s Introduction to Statistics class

University of Minnesota Morris Brigg’s Library Morris, MN (September 1998 – May 2000) Circulation Assistant -Assisted patrons in checking in and out books, finding books, using microfilm, microfiche, and copier machines, as well as computer problems and questions -Kept a section of books cleaned and organized as well as kept the reserved materials organized


UMM Math Club (1998-2001), President (2001-2002), Vice President (1999 – 2001); UMM Running Club (2000 – 2001), Co-Founder & Vice President (2000 – 2001), Helped Organize 1st Annual Cougar Quad Homecoming Run; ACM/Computer Science Club (1998 – 2001); Weightlifting Club (1998-1999); Intramural volleyball (2000-2001); Jazz Band (1998-2001); Mathematical Association of America (2000-2001); Briggs Library Art Selection Committee member (’99-’00)

Honors & Awards

College: Deans List (each quarter and semester of enrollment); UMM Freshman Academic Scholarship; UMM Honors Program (and a mentor for two underclassmen); Presented my Research at an MAA regional meeting at Bemidji State University for my work in development of a Mathematica Package involving solving differential wave equations (October 2000); Presented my work in Traffic Cellular Automata at UMMs First Annual Research Symposium (April 2001); Accepted to Present Research in Semidefinite Programming at MAA National Conference in San Diego, CA (January 2002); Brigg’s Library Art Selection Committee; Elected student representative for the math discipline(2000-2001)

High School: Eagle Scout Award recipient; Honors Student; 2nd place recipient at State VICA health careers competition

Community Service

Sandbagged houses in the cities of Wahpeton, ND and Breckenridge, MN (Spring ’97); Planted trees for the community during orientation (August ’98); Analyzed data for the TREC program (October ‘01); Participated in trick or can for the food drive (November ‘01); Helped string Christmas lights in downtown Morris (November ‘01); Worked on the Honors Program and French Discipline websites (November-December ‘01);


Engin Sungur – Professor (Statistics) UMM
600 E. 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267
Office: 1350 Sci
Phone: (320) 589-6325

Michael O’Reilly – Professor (Math) UMM
600 E. 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267
Office: 1310 Sci
Phone: (320) 589-6326

Peh Ng – Assistant Professor (Applied Math) UMM
600 E. 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267
Office: 2330 Sci
Phone: (320) 589-6318

Scott Lewandowski – Instructor (Computer Sciecne) UMM
600 E. 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267
Office: 2325 Sci
Phone: (320) 589-6308

here is the other match's resume, but no mention of the university of Waterloo still.....likes to run, and involved in math....hmmmmm maybe he is in PhD now at waterloo?
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New idea for sassafras:

Someone put an IMChaos link in their AIM, that and nothing else -- labelled "Profile" or something, wait until he logs on (if he ever does, again). He might click it without thinking to find out who is sekratly iming him, and the voila we have his IP address.
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Originally Posted by welcome View Post

nice man Any chances of using the # for an address? PM if you do

edit: looks like you beat me to it!
Old 11-15-2006, 08:12 PM ikpt is offline  

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Originally Posted by ikpt View Post
nice man Any chances of using the # for an address? PM if you do

edit: looks like you beat me to it!

I don't think I found much, I am starting to doubt whether these guys are who we need, because it says "he is majoring in mathematics"

now managerial sciences has to do with math.....but.....
buy classical music. steal the rest.
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