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Seeking Opinions on Information Organization and Visualization Freeware

I have been learning to use the fantastic program Freemind for more than a year now, and want to find software to organize information in multiple dimensions.

I am broke-ish, so, any experiences with freeware of this sort? The link below has a list of freeware at the bottom, so Graphviz? OpenDX? I'm willing to take my time on a learning curve, if the eventual utility justifies it. Thanks for any help.
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If anyone cares, I eventually ran into Protege, (, some kind of freeware relational database program. I am going to try it out, mostly b/c of a plugin called OntoSphere3D.
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Here's a guide on data visualization programs.

A lot of them are free, some are paid for, and all are excellent.

The advice I always give is to go for the D3.js library if you're a developer, otherwise try something like Infogram - that's free for personal projects.

Did you find anything you can use?


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