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Originally Posted by Gravity Man
Somewhere between E and F. On one hand, I think the idea of there "NOT" being a god is completely absurd, but on the other, since it is fundamentally impossible to prove or disprove the existance of a god,I tend to lean towards the side of "antagonism".
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Originally Posted by Morley
A; Roman Catholic


My vote too. Same reason.
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C sounds more like me
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The Duck Sick
i dont belive in god or satan or heven or hell but i do belive that you get what you give. and only love and forgive those who deserve your love and forgivness. and insead of turning the other cheek when one smite thee one must smite them back. so im probly an f
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Dr. Kung Fu
I'd say E except I'm always up for speculation
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crt expert

The concept of balance can be observed in every aspect of nature. Life, followed by MORE life, makes absolutely no sense. Life and death fall in line with EVERYTHING that can be observed here in the universe.

Just my opinion.
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my name is deathtron5000 and i think im a robot, PS YOUR TITLE SUCKS <3 ules
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Traditionally I've seen myself as an F... but lately I think I have been moving towards D.
You are all idiots

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I have a problem with religion itself more than the existance of a god. I would never simply say "god doesn't exist", but I sure as shit won't believe in something just because a priest told me that god's a great guy.
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Passion > Precision
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Look at my tits.
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Somewhere between B and C.
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five banger
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Originally Posted by PopeKevinI
I'm somewhere between A and B.
same here
former omaha [M] club
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I have my own little belief systems, it draws heavily on eastern beliefs such as samadhi though.
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F. "I am an Athiest, meaning that I believe that there is no god and there has never been an afterlife. Just as primative cultures created myths, like Zeus throwing bolts of lightning during thunder storms, I find the concept of an all-knowing god to be a figment of humanity's collective imagination. Religious books are fairy tales in line with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. They have no merit beyond entertainment."
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[M]ilitary [M]ayhem
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy
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Jose Theodore
[ Mr.Burn ]
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Pandeism sounds quite cool... I'll check it out
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Somewhere between A and F. I'm a Discordian.
And how.

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