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Small .22 is the Walther P22 all the way,i even like thier 9mm thats designed alot like it but its $600.
Mossberg makes many shotguns with no stock and just a pistol grip that have high capacity and a somewhat shorter barrel.
The main problem with a .380 is the ammo,its impossible to find and expensive as hell.
Keltec will be your smaller 9mm at a low price.
Bersa makes .380 and 9mm in a small package but not as small as the Keltec.
Taurus makes a 9mm PT709 slim thats almost small enough to pocket carry.
I like my tiny PT745

But thats still in the $400 range,but its pretty much the smallest .45 on the market.
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I have a Kel-Tec P32 that I carry most of the time (I usually can't carry in customer sites). I love it and it shoots very well. Again, it's a close-quarters gun, not meant for shooting someone far away.

Edit: Here it is:

I also attached the clip for easy access and installed the finger extension on the mag. I have big hands and it fits very well.
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I shot this right after buying my Keltec P3AT in a FTF transfer.

I take this everywhere as a BUG to my XDm. After being to the range with it, I'm fully confident in it's ability to fire and hit my target.
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Originally Posted by Social Misfit View Post
I would trust a Hi-Point to defend my family anyday. Hell, they're so ugly it might just scare the fucker off!

Gotta remember that...good one
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Social Misfit
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Originally Posted by zsu2357 View Post
Gotta remember that...good one

"So i'll just take this plasma shit, hi point!" *runs*
Fuck you Veeborg. Lying ass piece of shit. I hope you die in a fire. Same goes for DHermit.
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Two suggestions for you, both under $250 including tax and a few boxes of ammo:
1: Polish Radom P-64, DA/SA, 6+1 of 9x18 Makarov. Very, very simple pistol to operate, clean and maintain. I own one and enjoy it more than my Glock 19C. My P-64 cost $160 at J&G Sales in Prescott, AZ(close enough to drive for a day trip). It is absolutely concealable and a pleasure to shoot, despite its harsh recoil.
2: CZ-82, DA/SA(safety has position for cocked/locked carry), 12+1 of 9x18 Makarov. Good ergos, ugly as sin, quite a bit thicker than the P-64. Not a pocket gun but still quite concealable with a holster. J&G had these guys for $180 when I bought my P-64, I guess they're up to $200 now. The CZ also features polygonal rifling, which is kind of neat.

Both of these pistols fire 9x18 Makarov, which as I'm sure you're aware, is not the same as "9mm", referring to 9mm Luger or Parabellum. 9Mak has a shorter, very slightly fatter case with a shorter, lighter very slightly fatter bullet(typically 95grn compared to 115grn). Although it is less commonly available at mass-market retailers, most actual gun shops will stock the Makarov round, and it's generally comparable in price. For instance, a 50rd box of Silver Bear 9Mak goes for about $10.50, which is no more than you'd pay for a fairly decent box of 9mm Luger. Defensive ammo is likewise comparable, although I understand these guns can be sensitive about feeding hollow-points, and as a result most shooters recommend Pow'r'Ball rounds, which cost about $25 for a box of twenty.

Sorry about the phone pics, but here's my P-64:

Compared to my Glock(which is itself a "compact" pistol):

I have changed the hammer spring and smoothed out the hammer spring strut in order to lighten the pistol's trigger pull. It is still quite stiff in DA but nice enough in SA.
Tantal 5.45, Radom P-64 9x18 Makarov, Glock 19C 9x19 Luger.
Good times ahead.
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my uncle is selling me his S&W Model 39. 200 bucks in good condition. That's fairly cheap
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