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Originally Posted by The Unflushable Turd View Post
I buy fine art now, i got it made.
Actually no I just go day by day, one day i can be like JP but ill move to CO and live off the land huehueuhuehuuhe.

fine art is the kill shot for vajayjay

or an easy punch to their fine hawaiian goods ?

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Watch Toomer burn those cowboys. How bout them cowboys?
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Hola puto

Go back to Mexico and wall yourself in
Rapid-fire double bass of the GenMay dru[M]mers collective

Syndrome of a Downs- drums/songwriter
\_.--Bumfuck Egypt
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65/m/furry looking for 12/m/top
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"Hate to say it but uh... I'd do Frg. :eek:" - PeaceKeeper
"I'm done here fuck all of you faggots." -GhEttOrAiD 07-16-2014, 05:10 PM.
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Motherfucking SCIENTOLOGIST scum arse licking Xenu humping queer. Hate me. I sure do.
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that's who i was forgetting, tut, miss u man

and joe, funny and disturbing as always, i like you
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Doing very well.. My first time back to the forum in almost 10 years. Can't get access to my main account though.. password reset doesn't seem to work... Any admin, can you guys help me out?
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