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Originally Posted by Conna View Post

I thought they were supposed to come to us?
Kase: "i'm gonna need to see some ID"
CG: "$10 says that's the first time you've ever said that."

KeVMaN: "Last time i checked cars can't strafe"

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Originally Posted by Ender17 View Post

In most movies, I'll allow at least a piece of this if they switch off the character in question for a time period long enough for a reload to happen.

Its when they have a pistol that carries only like... 12 shots, and twenty rounds are fired in the same continous shot that I have a problem.

Its kind of hard to count rounds in that scene in Heat, but it seemed fairly legit, as in there were enough pauses and at least one time where we see them reloading that I'll accept it.

Suspension of disbelief, its what anyone needs to do when watching any movie.

Shoot 'Em Up wasn't the greatest in accuracy of clips, reloading, etc.. at least, with the body count it didn't seem so.
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