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Originally Posted by Tom Kazansky View Post
The book discussed Hitler's racial ideology, which I think is clearly racist
What was your first clue?

One could make the argument that reading Mein Kampf can lead someone into racial violence in much the same way playing GTA can lead to violence (according to Jack Thompson). The argument is that you can find literature that can lead to the same consequences.
The argument is out of whack with social norms that determine (a) what literature we consider harmful (b) what public libraries keep on the shelf. If an example exists, a historical arch-Nazi manifesto is probably not it.

I feel -- because I've seen her wacko church, and I'm familiar with Christian bibliophobia -- we can safely assume Mein Kampf was not what Palin had in mind. There's only attention-whoring, self-righteous defiance in banning books children enjoy.

But that's irrelevant. Banning GTA was never on the table, only penalizing its sale to minors, because it contained something like hidden porn and got rated "Mature 17" rather than "Adults Only 18+." There is no analogy here.
I personally believe that there has to be a law that limits the power of the supreme court. -- R@$T@M@N
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Originally Posted by red|dragon View Post

Tough guy, huh? I've seen your other posts. Just a bunch of hot air. Stupid Republican.

He is quite stupid, granted, thats self evident, but to be fair hes way left socialist, nowhere near republican.
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