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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
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Diogee is maintaining his innocence in this matter, saying he no longer plays WoW. How do you know it is him logging in?
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Just want to add a few things because I'm a bit frustrated that you would accuse me without even contacting me first.

You say you have never logged into that accounts email (, and yet a quick search around the internet reveals a facebook account registered under that email address:

Also, in order to change the account password, you have to log into the account email... same for character transfers, name changes... etc... so unless all the characters are on their original servers (armory shows they are not) with their original names (armory shows they are not), then you are full of it.

I'm sorry you lost the account man. But like I told Vendetta, and like I will tell you, I don't have any interest in WoW any longer.

Best of luck
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[M] Kittah
I love Jesus <3
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I would like to give my deepest apogees to Diogee i was out of line and jumped to conclusions to quickly. I was wrong to accuse him of such accusation and i am truly sorry.

He is not a troll is any sense.

Everything has gone smooth as far as the transaction and i would deal with him again.
Old 10-06-2009, 03:02 PM Cuntzilla is offline  
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I was trolled by a user in this forum. He still post here, Name was Mr. Havok or something. Watch out for this prick. Granted it wasnt a lot of money, or i will have his head, but its not the money that counts, its the priciple of the deal.
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Quel drole, en vacances, peut-être oui.

Maintenant, on passe pas mal de notre libre

temps dans le monde virtuel. On préfère plutot

partager nos sentiments avec les gens inconnus

ou avec les blogs, les place de QQ, ou d'autres.

La communication interpersonnelle devient de

moins en moins rare. Ainsi, il est temps

d'arrêter la mode de communication d'Internet,

Si on veut, on peut.
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