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Watch Toomer burn those cowboys. How bout them cowboys?
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Originally Posted by lol View Post
i think rick perry would be great for this country but i'm voting for hillary because we're already on a downward spiral and i'd like to see what's at the bottom
Don't know if you're trolling or not, but Perry might be good for jump starting the economy, at the expense of everything else. (only bright spot of his long reign in Texas) He is aggy, and an aggy with too much power is never a good thing. I won't be voting for him, but queen Hillary won't get my vote either..
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My knickers were in a twist because some dumbfuck on the radio was spinning that shit into GWB was right all along. I happen to think that going into Iraq will be remembered as one of the greatest idiotic blunders in all of history and possibly remembered as the beginning of the downfall of the USA.

I said nothing about any candidate or party. That's all coming from your own head.
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Triple B
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Originally Posted by Killer_B View Post
Serioulsy though

With people caring more about what goes on when Kim Kardashian has to squeeze a dookie out in an alleyway than whether yet another member of a family that's been fucking with politics clear back to around the Civil War at least, it means either he's getting in next time, or someone just as bad or worse.

Though we could possibly have a chance if we told the KKKorporations shoveling money at candidates to fuck themselves with a pitchfork, sideways, 289357 times.

No. it will be different this time. you'll see
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It is to bad that America does not stand up to them like this. If we did maybe they would go back to where they came from.
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