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Tex Arcana
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Originally Posted by lollersk8s View Post
Well that's a shame if they never return to those standards. I can forgive the GDI corvettes and v8 z4, at least those are hovering on the brink of reality. As upper-end models they might one day be sold as a ZR2 and Z4M or something. The mid engined V8 prius is just a joke, just like the NASCAR Camry.

Perhaps the minimum production numbers were set too high back then. I would think that if a company made 300-500 of something that should count. Then it depends on how big of a loss they want to take on each model. Flagships still push cars off the lot IMO, otherwise Toyota wouldn't have bothered with that fancy Lexus. Apparently they take a huge hit on each one.

I too noticed less enthusiasm about racing in general, both from manufacturers and viewers. Wouldn't surprise me if statistics back this up. Perhaps manufacturers see less return on the dollar with waning popularity of motorsports in general and it's a cycle that feeds itself. They care less because we care less and vice versa.. I bet Honda or Toyota look at Kia's sales, and wonder why they ever spent all that money on racing when other types of marketing are more effective today. People want a good product at a fair price, they want a warranty and features. Who gives a shit about a 'racing pedigree' when none of it relates to the car you just bought anyway?

I'd like to agree with this, but I can't. F1 is at its most popular, both in attendances and in TV revenues (only futbol beats it, worldwide); ASSCAR, tho waning, is still one of the most popular spectator sports in the US--I believe it's wanng because of their obvious rigging of the races and the series, and that damn "race for the cup" is the biggest crock ever. Australian Supercars has just branched out here, after a massive success down under, I think they're out to show Murkin audiences how to put on a stock-car series. ATCC, BTCC, DTM, LeMans, and rally are all hugely popular worldwide, and in Europe.

Where racing is waning is here, because it's gotten so stinking expensive and impossible to do time-wise, not to mention a huge "anti performance car" bent of most people. I think the Us tv people screw it up, too, with lame-ass broadcasts, if any. Speed channel just got gutted, and is pretty much just the ASSCAR channel now.
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