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Battery Question(s)

2 year old battery, needed to be jumped, slow to start Jeep.

The question is why? I did a hydrometer test and all of the cells were above the highest reading. The tester says a 30-50 point difference between cells calls for replacement, in this case one cell was 50 points lower than the rest.

Is this the problem, and if so why? I mean by the gauge on the hydrometer, it's 50 points lower, but not in the low, or medium levels of the gauge, it's still in the highest level on the gauge, just not as high as the rest.

Alternator works fine, load test fails.
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Bad cell...can't make 12 volts without them all. Capacity wise they may be fine but if a cell isn't producing said voltage it doesn't matter. So if that one cell is off the battery is producing a tad over 10 volts, maybe half ass at 11v. You know the rest.

Why? Vibration, slight defect from the factory that only reared it's ugly head now. Maybe heat, could that part of the battery have gotten hotter than others through engine heat?

I had a seemingly good battery have a bad cell just randomly one day. Lasted 4 years from the factory till that point. It wouldn't always do it either. Sometimes full power, other times nothing.
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