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Made 2 Own: uhm
Made 2 Own: there?
VanFanel89: here
Made 2 Own: alone?
VanFanel89: indeed
Made 2 Own: Tell me what hotel
VanFanel89: I can't.
Made 2 Own: Why not
VanFanel89: Because he asked me not to tell and I am gonna respect that
VanFanel89: he is leaving on monday for LA
VanFanel89: to meet aaron in person
Made 2 Own: You are helping a fucking thief
VanFanel89: he is not a thief just please, dont get ahead of yourself
VanFanel89: monday
VanFanel89: you will see.
VanFanel89: i have made a deal with aaron
VanFanel89: ask him if you wish to know what goes on
Made 2 Own: Uhm, he is not a thief?
VanFanel89: no he is not i will explain everything to you later. he has done a few things that should not have been done but its not 100% his fault
VanFanel89: click's issue
VanFanel89: is being resolved
VanFanel89: people's data will be returned
VanFanel89: money to others thats not my concern; i HONESTLY have NO IDEA what goes on with that and i do not wish to know.
VanFanel89: hwoever
VanFanel89: once the servers will be back in aussieland
Made 2 Own: He needs to be arrested
VanFanel89: I am sorry if you think so.

Kabn's Cliffs
Paska's Back!
1536 CDT

Thread 1: So this is what ~$100,000 in networking equipment does to my car
  1. VanFanel (VF) starts a thread showing networking equipment he says values $100,000 weighing down his car.
  2. within two minutes, g comes in to insinuate it is Ipaska's stuff. shens meter bumps up.
  3. another picture is posted.
  4. Kidane posts logs of VF admitting the hardware is Ipaska's.
  5. Kidane actually gets Paska to answer an IM. reimbursement of data and money is promised yet again.
  6. after a short discussion on the actual value of the servers, there is talk of taking the servers.
  7. VF says the servers are being shipped as we speak and everyone will be getting their data back.
  8. FagBurger sums up my feelings pretty well.
  9. ichiban658 posts an interesting thread VF recently posted saying he was going to be coming into a fair-sized amount of money soon.
  10. very brief summary of the Ipaska drama from g.
  11. confirmation from Paska, via Kidane, that they're his servers.
  12. The Coat summarizes the feelings of the majority of posters.
  13. we revisit the latest classic Kidane drama dealing with keys and database access.
  14. g does the requisite pimping of PMO after IMNobody buys someone access.
  15. general talk of forum business, PMO, and some name rapes.
  16. Kidane gets a message from Paska saying he'll be restoring data "until I get tired."
  17. Tracertmister finally receives permission to fap. we can only assume he will be more relaxed now.
  18. click arrives with righteous indignation.
  19. at some point, VF was name-raped to NAÏVE MORON and banned, even though he couldn't log in with non-standard characters in his name anyway.
  20. click hints that Paska might meet much the same fate.
  21. Kidane awkwardly asks a girl out via answering machine.
  22. The Rapist says VF should still be able to log on.
  23. Paska promises partial payment of past debts to click via VF.
  24. IMNobody goes on a freaking buying spree.
  25. click makes a timely and appropriate Nixon reference.
  26. apparently, click needs help that was given to Tracertmister earlier.
  27. DigitalMocking (DM) reminds us all that Paska has other debts to people on Genmay.
  28. Paska is unbanned and posts that he will remedy the situation.
  29. g is incredulous.
  30. Paska turns defensive and sarcastic in response.
  31. DM still wants to know about the contest winners.
  32. teaser from click.
  33. VF vows to make the haters rue the day on monday.
  34. small conversation about black jews.
  35. fittysix makes a case for VF.
  36. this post seriously made my night. thanks.

note: this thread was made after the first thread in response to Mix finding out Paska was in the States. later raped to " This just in: It turns out iPaska really *IS* a liar! Van Fanel is shocked!" and was finally changed to "IPASKA IS IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE"
  1. Mix makes a thread showing an instant messaging log that suggests Paska is in the country and, more specifically, San Francisco.
  2. IMNobody graciously exempts the thread from the trigger fun. [editor's note: this is very much appreciated by someone who has been KC'd by triggers while posting cliffs. let me tell you how much fun it is to be KC'd and therefore unable to update or correct errors when trying to help out.]
  3. g posts confirmation of Paska's location.
  4. Mix gets in a nice jab.
  5. old rivalries come up.
  6. various and sundry threats by people living in or around SF.
  7. yoda634 asks for proof that Paska did any real wrong.
  8. g puts forth his answer.
  9. please, won't someone think of the resellers?
  10. address of the hotel is posted.
  11. DM gives his answer to yoda's question.
  12. Mix (posting as Gza) says the police say a lawyer would have to apply for an order to detain and boldy offers to do just that..
  13. everybody gets a nice dose of reality.
  14. it takes a while, but we finally get a realistic and doable suggestion for grand larceny.
  15. darwin's opinion on the financial situation of ownership of the servers.
  16. Mix posts supposed confirmation of a plane ticket to Paska.
  17. validity of bank information is questioned, and information is disseminated between users. long back-and-forth about scheduling for Mix and loan stuff.
  18. Kidane comes in to mock people for getting the police involved. irony meter jumps a notch.
  19. darwin goes really old school.
  20. Trinity makes an appearance.
  21. Brenden (associate of Paska's) posts to say there is a lot of misinformation.
  22. we all knew it was coming.
  23. Bunchies posts IMs between he and VF where VF claims the servers are paid for in Paska's name and no loans were taken out in the US.
  24. DM posts a relatively long group instant messaging conversation that pretty much consists of people saying VF is an idiot and him saying he isn't.
  25. Mix posts IM logs asking Paska to have lunch, and Paska declines, saying he is no longer associated with the business end and is settling his personal debts now (click). [editor's note: this is the first i knew about the front page at Paska's old site saying backups will take between 5 and 21 days to be restored. i'm probably a retard, but that's the first i knew of it.]
  26. Paska says he will not meet Mix and he hasn't had control of the company since 2003 and was on vacation when another family member shut down the servers. hmm.
  27. yoda634 wonders how Paska could offer discounts applying to the business' revenue if he had no control.
  28. Mix posts from the airport or somewhere else along his journey letting us know he's on his way.
  29. suffocate finds a pretty funny post made by VF in the Deals & Steals forum.
  30. VF now says he has no idea where the servers are and is generally clueless.
  31. Mix lands at Cali and says he's going to book a room at the same hotel where Paska is supposedly staying.
  32. darwin says Mix and Paska are meeting for brunch.
  33. Mix posts via darwin that the servers are actually being picked up now (time of post: 2005-10-08 04:54PM CST) and shipped for $2,700. furthermore, Mix and Paska apparently talked over dead fish.
  34. bunch of posts about various hosting companies associated with genmay and their mistakes/failures.
  35. Mix posts an informative summary of his day. pretty much says Paska neglected the webhosting portion and was cut off by his mother. read this post if you read nothing else.
  36. good post by plot, good reply by darwin.
  37. Mix says he will get the tracking number of the servers.
  38. Mix says Paska isn't answering his phone and didn't make it to breakfast sunday morning. when he checked the the hotel, they said he checked out at 1:10am [editor's note: i'm assuming PDT].
  39. Vienge makes me chuckle.
  40. we all await VF's explanation.
  41. and there it is: VF says Paska overslept. apparently the repeated calls to his cell phone were unable to wake him up.
  42. Mix posts some tasty pics of his trip.
  43. Mix heads home, but not before deciding to get sloshed at the airport and giving notes on his trip.
  44. click chimes in about how secure the datacenter is and various money-related things.
  45. Paska says he will destroy all the pics on the AEC (PMO) uploader.
  46. Vienge sticks up for the bay area crew and actually shows up to socialize and drink.
  47. Daniel Mead apparently sheds some light on the story Paska told Mix.
  48. click posts to say he got $500 from Paska and that they are hanging out the rest of the day. he seems to be confident that he will get the other $1,500.
  49. Paska posts saying that the money went to the business and not him. also, he worked out a deal where click will get more than the rest of his money back.
  50. DirkPhoenix presents the new version of The Usual Suspects.
  51. sulchus sums up the thread pretty well, then takes it back.
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Ok fine, this thread is legal to post in
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Fucking go murder that bitch
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I <3 M|22
VanFanel89: he is leaving on monday for LA
VanFanel89: to meet aaron in person

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long thread coming

edit: in before g's 100 posts
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Thread exempted from ban game.
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Leave the poor soul alone he justs wants to live in peace and cuddle with his servers without you little kiddies bothering him.
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Originally Posted by Tracertmister
VanFanel89: he is leaving on monday for LA
VanFanel89: to meet aaron in person

I just talked to click. Supposedly he is meeting click on Monday to pay him the $2000.
Made2Own Advanced Hosting Solutions, Inc.

50GB Space - 100GB Bandwidth $7.95/Month
75GB Space - 300GB Bandwidth $9.95/Month
125GB Space - 500GB Bandwidth $15.95/Month
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This is getting good
But women and water are in short supply
There's not enough dope for us all to get high
I hear it gets better, that's what they say
As soon as we sail on to Cane Garden Bay
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Mob tiem?
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seriously i want to know the story SOME LET ME IN THE LOOP
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