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Brain-Computer Interface (halp finding an old thread)

Edit: Fount the old thread

I swear there's an [M]ember with a neural headset (OCZ NIA?) but I couldn't find the thread. If this person is you, link me to your thread; I have some questions. If this person is not you:

Check this stuff out;

Google shows 2 companies (NeuroSky and Emotiv) making BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) headsets. The NeuroSky headset is available now, while the Emotiv headset will be available in limit quantities closer to the end of the year.

The headsets function by picking up electrical activity within your brain and translating that into input for the computer. They're not super accurate or complex, but the technology is still in it's infancy.

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

NeuroSky looks like it's a lot farther a head technology wise, and they're also working to integrate with other systems (mind controlled robots, no ). However, the Emotiv headset is working with more sensors and might end up with more accurate brainwave sensing and thus be more powerful in that sense. Does anyone have one of these yet?

I realize this should probably go in Nerdgasm, but I'm looking for the old thread which I believe was in here. Also the immediately apparent market for this technology is video gaming. How will fragging people with your mind change the way you play? If they get this stuff down pat, think of the awesome Star Wars games with Force powers

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Yeah, I actually found a collection of old threads once I figured out the name.

OCZ NIA ("Brain Mouse") - Who's buying one?
I'm fragging you... with my BRAIN! (OCZ NIA)
OCZ NIA teardown (pics) Except the pics don't work
Hack A Day post about the hardware
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