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Bed Wetter
School vs. doing what I enjoy

I went to college for 2 years, had the time of my life, started my own little internet business, while waiting tables at a local restaurant.

Restaurant said they've never seen someone work so hard. I was making $30-40/hr waiting tables working 30-48hours a week. Going to school on monday was tough after a crazy weekend, so I decided to take the next semester off. I worked and saved, had a bmw m3 that I turned into a track car and went racing every chance I got.

Parents stopped paying for school at this point, so I decided to go to community college. I wrecked my car, so the only way to get to school or work was to ride my bike. And it sucked because my classes where at two different campuses, and then rode my bike to work. It was 57miles a day journey which I did enjoy but ended up losing 20lbs in the matter of 2 months while my car got fixed. Which was a major set back since I had spent so much time and energy in the gym, and the money eating every chance I got.

So I stopped going to school after that semester, saved up and moved to the beach, where my parents pressured me into going to school. I went into self destruction mode quit my job, raked up $10k in debt stopped going to gym. I was running a successful online business, but they said I was useless without a college degree.

I moved back home, and got a job in my home town waiting tables. I quickly moved out as soon as possible and enrolled at the community college. I took managerial accounting and calculus 3, and speech I aced my calculus class, and a b in accounting, and an a in speech. The amount of gas/connivence food/books and tuition cost me over $2000.

So I sign up for classes for next semester history (second time) and Biologoy (second time)

I can't seem to get my head around why I would have to write a 4-7 paper in history every week and to be bored down by trivial information. It doesn't help when the parking lot is jammed pack and I have to park a mile away and it's raining to sit in a history class. So I dropped that class. Too bad it's a requirement in CA to graduate.

I also was enrolled in biology, although I do find some of it interesting, understanding meiosis and mitosis and the names of the cells also seems trivial to me, so I stopped going.

My parents ensured me upper division classes get better and more interesting so I applied to the local state college ($55 charge) I got in, and now there's another charge for orientation ($50) and another charge for an id ($15) and tuition ($2360) and books ($600)
There's $3000 a semester and I have to do actual work in the classes to get a degree, sure I'd pay $25000 for a degree if it didn't include learning and then forgetting trivial information, and the stress associated with finals and midterms and dealing with the liberal teachers.

I question why am I going to school, so I buy the things I want? Go places I want? Work for someone else the rest of my life?

Right now I'm debt free and have a nice chunk of change sitting in the bank, I just put down a deposit on a porsche 911, and I'm taking delivery in July (paying cash not financed) For me this something I've wanted ever since I was old enough to know about cars, this is what success looks like for me.

I want to open my own business/gym and going to school definitely takes a toll on stress and my body. (ectomorph=weightloss if I don't eat atleast 6 meals a day, hard to be consistent with school/studying and finals)

I'm tired of being a server, but the money is great, and when I look at the big picture, I'm just an entertainer and make people happy and they give me money.

So what I'm getting at is with school and work, it's all work an no play, and it seems impossible to enjoy myself while giving money to institutions to learn trivial information, let alone most of the people at school don't have a clue what it's like to live on their own and support themselves.
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Bed Wetter
FWIW I'm 22 years old, and I learn almost everything by reading books, or articles on subjects that interest me.

Health, relationships, finances, legal, import/export, starting a business.

When people at work have questions about anything they come to me.

Girl got a ticket for running a stop sign. I drafted up a trial by written deceleration document (tr-205) since she has a kid, and making it to court would be tough and put a strain on her finances. I essentially fought the ticket for her, but she had to sign it since I can't practice law. I've done this for myself and past girlfriends, and enjoy doing it.

People at work with relationship problems. I've read dr. drew's books, listen to loveline read books on body language and communication. I was really into with David deangelo's series and started reading books he was referencing. I am able to predict most outcomes to anyones relationship problems they approach me with.

Being able to read people's body language has put me in some sticky situations with management as I seem to antagonize or patronize them on their sub conscious fears.

Another girl got in an accident and I had to explain how the insurance worked, and that the second she settled with the insurance, it was over. To me all this stuff is common sense but even the managers where in awe when I explained the process of settling with an insurance company. I have never had to deal with it, I was just reading a legal book at some point in time and remembered.

Whenever someone wants to try a drug, they come to me to ask what sort of effects they will get from taking it. For awhile I was a moderate opiate user, but took all precautions and learned about potentiators how grapefruit juice enhances the effects of opiates by binding to the hepatic enzyme allowing for a more euphoric experience. I read a lot about harm reduction and tried to explain to my coworkers that the apap found in vicoden would damage their liver, so I had to explain the cold water extraction. My friends where all doing ecstasy and I had to figure out how to test the purest form to make sure it was okay to take.

I've sat down with the manager and asked her "what I am doing here" in more or less words. She told me she thinks I'm crazy for staying in a restaurant, that I have to know how to open any business, be a lawyer or doctor that I'm truly selling myself short.

I go to my dad a lot for advice since he started his own mortgage business 30 years ago, and he's very resistant when I ask him questions. He gets short with me and tells me that I need a degree to do anything, and then ask what my 5 year plan is, I tell him and he says it's stupid. I ask what I should do differently and he tells me to get a degree.

I question why I keep going back, maybe it was the verbal abuse growing up and overall rejection I received from my parents for not taking school seriously.

Any therapist want to take a stab at this?

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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
Vendetta's Avatar
I know you wrote a lot, and I read it all, but I really didnt get much of substance out of it except a) your life story and b) you don't like school.

If school isn't your thing, then don't go to school. But i'll tell you from someone that has been involved in the gym business, never, ever open a gym for yourself. Just don't do it.

I'll tell you a story of my own: my best friend of 24 years is a server. He's been a bartender/waiter since he was 16, he's now 27. He's tried to finish school but found his motivation lacking, much like you do. He makes very good money but is sick of living paycheck to paycheck, he's sick of always working with kids, and he wants stability. He's into cars like you (although not sports cars) and has had some mistakes with them. He feels trapped.

Moral is, do what makes you happy but make sure you can live like that the rest of your life.

For your other points, I'm sure you could do anything you set your mind to as you seem to have the drive and motivation. But that means you buck up and deal with the scut and shit to get where you want to be. Think I wanted to take english? No, but it was required, so I dealt with it. I got through the shit part of my career aspirations until I had everything I wanted, where everything I got to do was what DID actually interest me.

The bottom line is if you want something bad enough, you'll be able to handle the occasional shitty things that inevitably go along with it. Thats life mate.
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RazorWind's Avatar
Vendetta speaks the truth.

Let me just ask you this, though: What IS your five year plan?
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I went through something like this. I just graduated with my Computer Engineering degree and I have no desire to do anything with it, in fact I tried to change my degree but UF told me because I've already completed most of my work load.

So I'm taking the next year off and trying my hand at day trading, I started doing it over a year ago and I have a bunch of money saved up, and I'm making great money now and most importantly it's something I love doing.

Find what you love, and then see how you can make it profitable.
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theNoid's Avatar
Sound a lot like me when I was 22. I quit college and started my career. A lot of hard work and 8 years later I have climbed my way to a position that pays great and am surrounded by people who still have student loans to pay off.

You don't need college, however I would still recommend it. I had to work twice as hard to get where I am today but its what worked best for me. Wasting my youth/time/life sitting in classes and reading books was 100% not the direction for me. I needed to be hands on with life, and my drive and personality was enough to get me where I am w/o a college education. It can be done, but its an uphill battle. Most everyone I know who dropped out of college went into mortgage and "made" a killing. When that market died they were all left jobless and skill-less. Most of them are struggling, month to month now in apartments and working odd jobs to pay bills.

I recommend staying in school unless you have a burning drive inside you to strive. Having a college degree doesn't grant you a free pass at anything but it will get your foot in the door. Thats saying a lot more than not having one so I tell most people to stay in school.

No matter what you do in life, following your passion will lead to great things.
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You sound like a whiny bitch that gives up at the first sign of resistance in your path. Man up and deal with the BS to get through college if you really want it.
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I just think of school as a backup plan for when shit hits the fan. Having a degree to fall back on is always a good thing. It takes some motivation and a change in lifestyle.

Make sure you are studying what you want to study, and not what your parents want you to study.
Also, make lots of friends in each class. It could be the difference between hell and not so hell ...
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I am Kruzens Brother
Dongboy's Avatar
Originally Posted by Artesial View Post
You sound like a whiny bitch that gives up at the first sign of resistance in your path. Man up and deal with the BS to get through college if you really want it.

i'd agree with this. you sound like you're making excuses and half assing everything you do.

school is hard, not going to school and being succesful is hard - it's all about what yo uwant to do - don't half ass either or, commit to one and finish it - be it going to school or not going to school. you're spending a lot of time freewheeling between the two and it's going to cost you a lot more either way in indecisiveness.
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2[H]4U's Avatar
The amount of competition that is out there is just insane. I can't imagine keeping up without a college degree.

My advice: get the degree then do whatever you want to do.
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s0me0nesmind1's Avatar
Porsche? Are you fucking retarded? I love to give advice but some things don't even require comment. Why are you buying a porsche when you're having money woes? These aren't necessarily big money woes, but you're not about to pay off a car like that.

I think all of the advice should be summed together in a certain kind of way. That is this: Do what makes you happy, but seek such action passionately. You can't sit on your ass and hope it comes to you, especially without a degree. You need to pursue such to the biggest possible degree. Secondly, reconsider the degree - not saying do it - just reconsider. Is school REALLY that bad? Especially if your parents will support you through it?
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Bed Wetter
paying cash for the car.

Money woes? I make enough to live a nice life style
<8500> Taxes
<6000> Rent
<1200> Utilites
<7200> Eating out, $20/day lunch and dinner
<980> Insurance
<1200> Gas
<2000> Maintenance on car
<3000> Groceries

And misc expenses all seem to add up, and an extra 6000 to go to school for the year, and the added stress annoys me.

Of course I'm going to stick it out go to school for the next 2 years, and get my degree, but it's not going to be easy. Parents stopped paying for school/living expenses when I was 19.

And right now I'm making $40k a year, this figure changes when I go back to school as I'm tired at work and cannot offer as good of service. I don't have time to look up interesting facts on digg, or little tid bits of news articles that people are impressed by. I get into a funk and don't care about work and only focus on school. And then it's a downward spiral. Keeping a balance just stresses me out, and the gym and eating right is always the first thing to go.

And then the depression kicks in and I start doing drugs because I can't look in the mirror and be happy with myself, then I can't get out of bed because I couldn't sleep, so I don't go to class, I get behind and really don't want to go, because school was the source of my stress, without school I have no desire to do drugs.

So at this point in time I'll go to school in the fall, stick it out for 4 semesters and get this degree. But not at the expense of my health, or my joys in life. I can't rationalize school by saying I want to own nice things, because I do.

If I put off the porsche 2 years there's really not much to get me through the day, I don't really care about much else than my image.

I have to rationalize school by wanting to be respected more, I don't give a shit about a degree, but to many without a degree your some loser who can't have an opinion.

And the webdesign of csus is a nightmare trying to navigate through menus and having to pay online, but theres a service fee, deadlines and all the holes they make you jump through. I feel like I'm a customer, but to them I'm just a student.

Also annoyed at the fact my roommate makes about the same amount I do working in a restaurant, but doesn't claim any of his tips, so his income was like $10,000 for the year, and he applied for finical aid and received $24000 for the year.

So that's the end of my rant, off to the gym
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That's "Doctor Vendetta" to you
Vendetta's Avatar
I have to point something out, this nagging feeling that reading your posts leave me with. I cannot escape this sense that you think you are somehow better than all of this, that dealing with school or other likeminded things are beneath you. If thats true, here's a tip: you arent

You say you make enough for a nice lifestyle but have little to nothing budgeted in for savings, for making a future for yourself. Including your "misc expenses that add up", you are living paycheck to paycheck. No stability.

You won't put off a porsche because all you think about is image. What do you think being a mid-20s (soon) guy who's still a waiter does to your image? You could drive an Aston Martin, people would still think you a loser. You are all ABOUT this job as a waiter, and as far as I can tell it's only because it gives you attention. Youre in your 20s, its time to start growing up and acting responsibly and actively planning for your future.

Your inability to balance more than one activity hints at a larger problem, and you may want to consider professional advice.

You are not above all of these things, you are just like everybody else. You are a good waiter. That doesn't give you freedom to shit over everything else in life because you don't agree with it.
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Bed Wetter
I had an epiphany while typing out the above post and it became even clearer while I was at the gym.

I asked myself, why am I so angry?

Well because my roommate doesn't do jack shit, got worse grads than me, drinks, smokes weed every night and I came home tonight and he's on ecstasy. Yet receiving financial aid.

And my roommate at the first 4 year college I went to did the same thing, and that's mainly why I wanted to drop out.

So ya, life wouldn't be that stressful if the government paid for all expenses, I just found out how to do it, and I'm going to file it tomorrow.

I have a terrible group of people who hang around me, rather my roommate brings lowlifes around. And they drink and smoke and play video games every night. I thought I didn't like school because the teachers were , but it was because I was unprepared for class. I live in an environment that is not keen on studying or going to sleep at a decent hour. I recall asking my roommate to stop playing video games at 1am, or mute it and it was always "just one more game" which turned into hours, and eventually I just joined him.

So our lease is up on july 15th and I'm high-tailin' it.

I found the source of my problems, now it's fixing that. I've been trying to mend, or put a band-aid over, rather than finding the root of the problems.

I once again thank genmay for being a listening ear and a sensitive word.

As for the image thing, I know waiting tables sounds like a shitty job, but when I look at what I make vs a more respect job the pay cut isn't worth it to me at this time. I have a nice savings that will soon disappear come July, but for the past year I've been saving and living comfortably, not paycheck to paycheck.
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