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Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
Definitely agree that full size trucks CAN be mis-purchased...

Friend of mine works construction. Maybe construction workers NEED badass huge trucks to assert their manhood or something... He financed a fully loaded 6sp ( ) F350 diesel a couple of years ago... He's still paying it off, and basically can't afford to:

a.) leave the house and stop playing WoW during his off-hours
b.) socialize and meet up with friends after work hours because we're like 20 miles away and diesel is expensive
c.) buy lunch without saving HALF of his lunch for dinner that night

His life would be so much easier and enjoyable had he purchased a more sensible truck. I can't say whether he ever actually hauls anything that requires this much muscle, but I have my doubts.

Why not help the guy out by giving him all your waste veggie oil.
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Originally Posted by jaredballer View Post
i love trucks, but almost every truck you see doesn't get used like a truck...ever. Of my friends that own trucks, I can think of 2 people out of many that actually works on a farm and uses their trucks for hauling hay, etc.

Would be smart to put a truck out that for light duties that most people need. I highly doubt the average american needs a F-250 to move a chest once in a while and haul groceries.

Right it makes sense. A lot of 'reasonable' baby boomers love the compact pick up for various duties including commuting and small trade, and I don't blame them. I guess they were simply ahead of the curve lol
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