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Ever had a Fantasy about Nailing a Nurse

Apparently some Lucky Guy has

16 nurses who work in the same ICU are pregnant

MESA, Ariz. -- Sixteen nurses who work in the intensive care unit of an Arizona hospital are pregnant, CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO reports. And the majority of them are due between October and January.

"They're wondering what's in the water," nurse Ashley Atkinsm said, according to the station.

The nurses at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, just east of Phoenix, said they didn't know so many were expecting until members kept getting added to a Facebook group chat that the nurses created.

Nurse Jolene Garrow described it as "one after another after another."
Six nurses in same North Carolina hospital unit find out they're pregnant

The hospital is working to ensure the women stay healthy, KPHO reports.

"There are certain disease processes that we don't want the nurses to be exposed to. Certain infections," said Heather Francis, director of nursing for Banner Desert's Trauma Neural ICU and Medical ICU. "Also, chemotherapy drugs can be very toxic to the fetus."
A string of maternity leaves is expected to create a rush of absences.

But officials say they're prepared. "We've been planning for this for months," said Francis.

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Any boner I may one day have had for a nurse is long gone now. Fuck that!

or more accurately *don't fuck that*

I had sex with only a couple chicks in the medical field and BAM... Bflaps II. Well, she was a pharmacy tech if that counts...

My son is awesome though, but I ain't going down that road again.
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When I was a freshman in high school I got a bad lung infection. I could barely breathe.

I went to the hospital and they wheeled me right into a treatment room, hit me with an inhaler and an antibiotic injection. 20 minutes later I was still having difficulty so they decided to supplement with an epinephrine suppository.

Now on the one hand I was going wut? they want to shove something up my ass?
On the other hand the nurse was young and built and had a nice toned body.

So I am thinking this is probably going to alter my future sexual tastes, but hey having a hot nurse handle my cock and balls out of the way while she shoves something up my ass is worth whatever my mind later does with the event.
So this hot thing leaves the room to go get the suppository and 5 minutes later a 6 foot tall 320 lb fat 40 year old two bagger comes in to do the deed.

So nurses are not really my first choice
Think of it as Evolution In Action
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